Do you think you are done with your kitchen design once you have installed appliances and cabinets? Well, for a truly interesting and finished space, you have to pay attention to details.
Those empty walls form a wonderful canvas to show your creativity and add a wow factor to your cooking space.

Try out these easy and creative wall décor ideas to transform your kitchen:

Chalkboard Paint

Keep yourself organized and reminded of everything by painting an accent wall in your kitchen with chalkboard paint. Go beyond the basic black and try out other colors that match your existing kitchen design theme.
It’s a nice way to turn an empty wall into something exciting and functional. You can use it for drawing, writing down notes, and even delicious recipes! 

Canvas Wall Art

Artwork in the kitchen? Sounds new, no? But it’s on-trend!
The kitchen is the heart of your home or perhaps one of the most used rooms in your home. So decorate it with artistic displays. One easiest way to do so is to get a lovely wall art. A spices-inspired canvas wall art or one based on dishes will do the job.
Choose something that makes you and others smile and makes your mornings relaxed. Need some more kitchen wall decor inspiration? Check out our kitchen wall art collection.

Spices Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Eye-Catching Tiles

Tiles are not just for the backsplash or the floor! You can cover an entire wall with beautiful tiles to create a vibrant display. Marble, limestone, slate, and travertine work well on kitchen walls. Out of these materials, the dark and rich-toned slate creates a lovely, textured surface that adds interest to your kitchen.
Ceramic, porcelain and glass tiles make cost-effective options for kitchen walls. When it comes to design and styles, you have countless options to choose from.

Kitchen Herb Hanging Garden

Liven up your dishes with fresh herbs that grow in your kitchen! Yes, you’ve heard it right! Whether you always love fresh basils or want to grow a whole host of herbs, there are gorgeous indoor planters to cultivate an herb garden in your kitchen.
The best place to hang your garden? On the accent wall in your kitchen!
Additionally, the tiny herb garden will infuse pure aromas and colors into the indoor air.

Drying Herbs Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Wood Pallet Wine Rack

Got a wine lover in your family? Get some recycles wooden pallets and create a hanging wine rack in your kitchen. Cut off the pallet’s bottom and remove the top boards. Now cut through the middle board's follower by cutting a decorative edge.
Now, sand down all pieces and screw the top board. Make a glass holder and attach it to the bottom. Voila!

Pot Hanging Rack

Decorate your small kitchen with a functional and stylish pot hanging rack. Pot racks prevent cabinet clutter while accenting your kitchen. Choose the tiny, empty wall for hanging your rack. You can get store-bought pot racks or even DIY one to stay within your budget. Create a ladder pot rack or a galvanized pipe rack.

Wrapping Up

These ideas are not just effective, but also budget-friendly. You won’t need expensive accent items or significant makeover to beautify your space.




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