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It’s a new year, which means it’s time for a new color palette! After much anticipation, Behr has released their top color trend insights for 2021. Post a hectic 2020, 2021 is all about embracing both serenity and change. We’re flipping the script by warming up our neutrals, and cooling down our accent shades. Behr introduces unexpected variations of classic hues, from orange-tinted tans to sophisticated shades of teal. Whether you’re redecorating your entire space, or you’re just looking for new piece of wall art, here’s how to incorporate their four curated color palettes.

Warm Neutrals

Rather than the cooler greys and taupes that rose to popularity in 2020, Behr suggests putting a spicy twist on these timeless neutrals. Sandy beiges and latte-inspired shades will make your space look both comfortable and chic at the same time. Take a cue from desert canyons, and play with colors that are earthy and inviting. Behr’s “Casual Comfort” palette is ideal for open spaces, as warm colors tend to make large rooms look cozier.

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Calming Blues

Let the stress of 2020 melt away with the “Calm Zone” color palette. This collection of blue hues was meant to calm the mind and settle the spirit. Choose muted versions of traditional blues like mint and turquoise. You want your blues to hold some vibrancy without overpowering your space. This palette is perfect for quiet areas like bedrooms and home offices. For blue wall decor, stick with light to medium shades of blues to avoid making your space look too serious. View more blue bedroom ideas.

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Gentle Pastels

The “Subtle Focus” palette offers an excellent opportunity to modernize pastels. While pastels are soft and inviting, they tend to look retro if you don’t choose carefully. Behr has created the ultimate collection of contemporary pastels. Their “Seaside Villa” shade is a seashell pink, which is a warmer, paler version of baby pink. Instead of stark white, Behr suggests using a “Smoky White” to blend more seamlessly with the pastels. For an accent color, choose a deep peach hue to add depth but not darkness.

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Sophisticated Greens

2020 was about connecting with ourselves, and 2021 is about connecting with the earth. Many of us were stuck inside last year, which gave us a newfound appreciation for the serenity of nature. The “Quiet Haven” palette is composed of orchard greens and deep sage tones. This is your chance to experiment with deep colors that still look fresh. Combine green wall decor with a hint of blue for an especially calming touch. Pair your rich, cool colors with live houseplants for an ultra-modern look.

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Planning Ahead

Give yourself a fresh start with a brand-new selection of shades. Behr has been a longtime favorite for paint colors and color palettes, and it’s easy to see why. Curated by a group of design experts, the color trends for 2021 are more than just a guide – they’re a foolproof décor technique. Celebrate the future with a beautiful new set of hues. From a peachy living space to muted blue bedroom ideas, find your perfect balance with the trendiest colors of 2021.

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