What is “Contemporary Country” Décor?

Most homeowners are familiar with the traditional “country” style, inspired by rusticity and bucolic ease. This trend may be timeless, but some designers are yearning for a modern twist. Cue: “Contemporary Country.” This hybrid between modernism and classic country style combines the best of both aesthetics. Laid-back and effortlessly chic, this trendy take on farmhouse décor is ideal for any interior. If modern décor strikes you as too cold, and country interiors are too relaxed for your taste, this is the style for you. Learn how to get this fashionable look through wall art, furniture, and daring details. Our experts will guide you through modern country interior design.

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Modern Country Décor for Every Room

Living Room Wall Décor

Country Style Kitchen

The Perfect Patina

Dark Wood Details

Add Cool Neutrals

Mixing Vintage Vibes

Modern Rustic Home Decor

Modern Country Décor for Every Room

If you decide to include the contemporary country trend, it is important to commit. This style only works if it is prevalent throughout your entire home. The mix of modernism and rustic aesthetics is so specific, it is essential to be intentional. Each room should have an equal balance of sleek, trendy accessories, and country-inspired details. However, being selective is also vital because a cluttered space can automatically look dated and overwhelm the modern atmosphere. Try choosing pieces that are organic, natural, but still high-end. Textiles like cashmere and velvet can mesh the cozy with the current.

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Living Room Wall Décor

Your living room is an excellent place to start when embarking on your interior makeover journey. This is the most central and communal space in your home. Wow your guests with modernism, and give them comfort with country style. Play with patterns that are making a comeback, like houndstooth and gingham. Add homey elements like candles and coffee table books to create a welcoming atmosphere.

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White Décor Ideas

White and off-white are colors that work in modern and rustic interiors. Any neutral shade will work as a base to add contemporary country décor. Your living room is the perfect space to add understated shades like white, ivory, and grey. Avoid too much color, as vivid hues will take away from the modernism and push your home into the more traditional shabby-chic category.

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Country Style Kitchen

Keep with the country trend of a laid-back kitchen and add a few modern amendments. Leave your shelves open to reflect an informal atmosphere. Set spices and cookware on your countertop for a truly casual look. To shift your kitchen slightly more contemporary, focus on the finishes. Install stainless steel appliances and consider surfaces in quartz, marble, and slate. Use black matte hardware and industrial-style light fixtures to balance out the rustic wood details.

Pro Tip: These tricks can also be applied for modern rustic bathroom ideas!

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The Perfect Patina

Keeping with the rustic decorating trend, the décor in your home should look well-worn and well-loved. Choose luxurious materials like leather, steel, and wool, but encourage the development of gentle wear and tear. Rather than fight surface weathering, encourage a natural patina to form on your sleek surfaces. Fill your home with brushed metals and buttery, lived-in leather. This striking display of imperfect luxury is essential to achieving the Contemporary Country trend.

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Dark Wood Details

While a typical country-style home uses predominantly light and bright woods, dare to go darker for a more contemporary look. Avoid the traditional country style, and swap your oak and maple for rich walnut and mahogany. For a welcome change from rustic matte surfaces, go with a glossy finish for a silky, modern look. The dark, lustrous tones will take your interior from simple to stylish in the blink of an eye. This simple switch will prevent your space from looking “country cliché.”

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Add Cool Neutrals

Warm tones are characteristic of a country interior. While it’s okay to keep things cozy, you’ll want to balance out the warm rustic decorating with cool-colored hues. In addition to classic neutrals like brown and beige, add a splash of grey and taupe for a modern touch. By combining both warm and cool neutral tones, you can seamlessly blend the two styles. Plus, you can never go wrong by balancing your color composition.

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Mixing Vintage Vibes

While it may seem counterintuitive to add vintage details when you want to create a contemporary ambiance, vintage decor combines quality and individuality. Authentic vintage elements will look thoughtful and expensive. Vintage furniture from before the 1970s is ideal, so as to emphasize history rather than making your interior look dated. Vintage rugs will provide a nice balance to your glossy wood floors. For a finishing touch, you can never go wrong with brick details.

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Modern Country Home Decor

Embrace this new take on countryside chic. It’s easier than ever to create a space that looks both rustic and refined. Encourage your guests to swoon over your stylish interior without sacrificing an ounce of comfort. It is possible to create a space that’s livable and luxurious at the same time. Pay attention to the essential details like color schemes and quality finishes. From modern-meets-rustic bathroom ideas, to chic countryside living rooms, “Contemporary Country” is a style anyone can fall in love with.

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