Finding a Balance Between Comfort and Style

Designing a home is about more than just aesthetics; it’s also about creating a comfortable place to live! While you want your home to look nice, you also want it to feel cozy and welcoming. There’s a delicate balance between a stylish space, and one that still looks lived-in. It can be difficult to bridge the gap between a tasteful interior and a place you want to wind down. From cozy bedroom ideas to contemporary wall art, here are our top tips for creating a space that covers both comfort and style.

Soothing Colors

A good base for designing a space is to create a color palette. While a strictly grey interior can feel cold, including blue-grey tones can look both soft and sophisticated. Turn to timeless shades like beige, taupe, sage, and light blue. Cozy grey bedroom décor is popular for a reason; these elevated neutrals never go out of style! Not only do they look beautiful, but they’re easy on the eyes. Cool tones like light green and baby blue give your room a calming effect, whereas neutrals like tan and ivory bring a touch of visual warmth. These everlasting hues are chic, stylish, and comforting, all at the same time! Plus, you can use them in any room of the house. 

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Functional Furniture

The biggest faux pas homeowners make when furniture shopping is ordering a piece based on looks alone. While aesthetics are important when it comes to furniture, you also want a comfy place to lounge! Ordering online can be tempting, but try to find a store that will let you try before you buy. Once you find a piece that gives you that “kick up your feet after a long day” feeling, you can explore colors and textures that fit your style! Certain furnishings are universally comfortable, such as a couch with a chaise extension for lounging. Opt for a moveable ottoman instead of a coffee table for the ultimate cozy home decor.

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Splurge on Wall Art

The best place to add style to your space? Wall art! While it won’t affect the comfort level of your home, wall art will surely affect the aesthetic value! Hanging beautiful prints is the perfect way to make your home look curated without sacrificing comfort. From a single, striking, canvas, to a multi-panel piece, don’t be afraid to make a statement with your wall art. For a bold touch, look for pieces that include heightened versions of your chosen color palette. From your bedroom to your living room, the right piece of wall art can make the rest of your home look much more forgiving when it comes to panache and flair.

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Make it Personal

When re-designing your home, make sure your interior feels personal. An impersonal interior looks cold and unwelcoming from the second your guests enter the room. A space with thoughtful personal touches instantly looks cozy and warm. Ensure an inviting appearance by displaying your favorite keepsakes and hanging photos of your precious memories. Just remember, less is more when it comes to avoiding clutter. Looking for a way to preserve your memories without compromising on style? Create a custom work of art with our personalized photo prints. This is also an excellent gift for a child or teenager who wants to show off fun memories with friends!

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A Guest-Friendly Space

Last but not least, a cozy interior should feel equally cozy for guests! Make your home look beautiful and feel beautiful at the same time! All it takes is a few thoughtful touches that houseguests are bound to love. Add fresh-cut flowers to empty surfaces, and use this trick as an opportunity to add some brighter hues! From yellow tulips to pink peonies, flora is a great way to incorporate vibrant shades. Make sure your fridge is full of chilled beverages, ready for your guests when they walk through the door. Add plush details to your communal spaces, like woolen blankets and stylish poufs. Ensure that all seating is positioned to face each other, so that nobody feels left out of the conversation.

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Cozy Home Decor & More

Interior design is all about finding balance. The most important balance is between livability and elegance. From cozy teenage room décor to cozy grey bedroom décor, your home should reflect your personality. Stepping into your home should feel like stepping into your inner world, with a few visually pleasing touches. Don’t forget, decorating your home is supposed to be fun! Follow the rules, and then break a few. At the end of the day, your home should look like you.

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