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Gone are the days when floral home décor consisted of traditional pink, pastel roses with a white touch to it. A modern floral makeover demands bold shades with contemporary designs.

Flowery designs fill a home with freshness and vibrancy. This is an era when it’s all about experimenting with bold hues and bright elements. Why not experiment with florals? Be unique and creative. Traditional soft and delicate floral designs are lovely, but don’t be afraid to consider dark florals.

Not sure how to make your room bloom? Read on for a variety of room by room ideas to adorn your home with a floral touch.

Bold Living Room

Your living room, being the focal point of your home, deserves a modern and unique look. Consider a dark floral approach, rather than the old-fashioned pastels.

A dark-themed living room may make you nervous, but with the right blend of shades, you can maintain a floral balance. A black or blue accent wall can hold vibrant shades of big, blooming flowers with these wall art options.

Or, instead of decorating with huge florals, pick small elements in your room and give them a flowery twist. Throw a floral pillow set on your bold, solid-colored couch. Consider an area rug with intricate buds and blossoms designs on it for a more subtle look. Click here for more inspiring living room decor ideas.

Scent of Roses Plum III Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

A Blooming Bedroom

You can have a floral affair in the bedroom as well. Read our bedroom décor tips and ideas if you are looking for practical and creative pointers.

Since it’s the most personal space in your home, you want it to be comfortable and give you peace. An accent wall with floral wallpaper may be the magic touch to add a soothing color scheme to make the room calm and cozy. Or if you already have a rather bright bedroom, maybe dark florals will help you relax and prepare you for sleep. If wallpaper isn’t your thing, you can achieve the same objectives with large pieces of wall art.

For functional florals, indulge in flowery designs on your bedding or curtains, while the rest of your bedroom rests in solid colors. Alternatively, be subtle with modest floral elements like throw pillows on your bed, or small accent pictures.

Les Jardin II Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Classical Dining Area

Fill your dining area with traditional small and intricate floral wallpaper where tiny flowers bloom on a white backdrop. This classic touch in the dining area will give a fresh and relaxed feeling while you enjoy your favorite foods.

Indulge and turn your plain floor into a floral one. Decorate your floor space with a large area rug adorned with flowery designs. Besides being attractive, an area rug under your dining room table will make the room warm and inviting to your guests.

Complement your traditional look with contemporary furniture. Make your dining space unique with matching floral placemats on your table. Top off your tabletop with a centerpiece of fresh flowers.

Dining room ideas

Floral Kitchen Affairs

A floral kitchen might sound unconventional, but we are here to give you new and creative ideas! A bright kitchen decorated with flowers steals the décor show.

Choose a wallpaper pattern with cheerful blossoms to complement cabinets and kitchen counters. Or maybe paint your walls a soft color and embellish the room with some colorful floral curtains and a matching tablecloth. Go to your local tile store and check out their selection of flower-patterned tiles for your floor or a stylish backsplash.

If you want to be more subtle, consider kitchen accessories, or even cupboard knobs with flowery designs. Pots of herbs on your window sill are the perfect finishing touch for your botanical theme.

Kitchen decor ideas

Some Last Thoughts

The floral trend is back, so indulge and turn your home into a flowery abode. Even your ceiling is a candidate for beautiful buds and blossoms. 

Apply these ideas in your next renovation, and your home will blossom with style. 



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