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We’ve waxed poetic about Banksy’s work many times. This anonymous street artist is one of the most iconic creative minds of our generation. Known for his politically-charged pieces, it’s no surprise that he has taken to the streets of Ukraine to paint seven stunning new pieces. The mysterious artist claimed his new work in a conversation with The Art Newspaper. His latest street art is located in the capital of Kyiv, the suburb of Irpin and the town of Borodyanka. To celebrate the return of this bold artistic genius, we’re highlighting some of Banksy’s most famous imagery.

The Red Balloon

Perhaps the most recognizable symbol illustrated by Banksy, the red balloon is almost synonymous with Banksy himself. He painted several murals around London depicting a young girl reaching for a red balloon. Most memorably, he painted a printed version of the iconic image to be auctioned in 2018. Unknown to the bidder, he incorporated a mechanical device inside the frame that would shred the image as soon as it was sold. The print was then re-titled, “Love is in the Bin.” In a sense, the real work was created during the auction itself. If you’re looking for a piece to hang in your own home that is reminiscent of the original, consider our “Girl and Heart Balloon” print.

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Banana Guns

Banksy is well known for his stance on unnecessary violence. He has painted countless murals that are overtly critical of senseless violence and the use of deadly weapons. One of his more lighthearted mockeries of weapons can be observed in his “Pulp Fiction” piece. He replaced Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta’s guns with bananas. This iconic piece was created in 2002, and has inspired several works of art since its genesis. One of these Banksy-inspired pieces is our “Banana Gun Fight” print pictured below.

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Cancelled & Censored Banners

More than a few of Banksy’s pieces include a banner that covers a portion of the image. Oftentimes these cautionary banners are a statement on censorship. However, one of his darker pieces includes a bright-red banner that says “cancelled” over the painted phrase, “follow your dreams.” This was one of his first pieces done in the United States. It is perceived to be a criticism of the hypocrisy of the false promises associated with the American Dream. If this message speaks to you, we offer a similar print to hang in your home. Banksy-inspired artwork undoubtedly makes a great conversation piece.

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Embrace Edgy Artwork

While art can be aesthetically pleasing, it is also meant to make us think. Great art should prompt a discussion between peers. Banksy is a pioneer in making the art about the message. From London to Ukraine, his work always makes a strong visual and emotional impact. View more information about his latest work here. To discover more top trending artists and up-and-coming creatives, visit our design inspiration blog.

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