It’s finally here! Our selection of top trending artists for 2022 is full of inspiring and iconic décor. At the forefront of this trend? Banksy! The eternally-elusive, statement-making street artist is more popular than ever. Street-style art is an unexpected touch to any modern interior. Give your home an edgy touch with a Banky-inspired piece. We’ve curated the ultimate collection of urban artwork that packs a punch. Learn how to incorporate a Banksy print into any room in your home with our comprehensive guide. Lean into this striking trend, and watch your interior go from bland to bold with Banksy.

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A Minimalist, Modern Dining Space

A Statement-Making Living Room

A Pop of Color for Your Hallway

An Urban Home Office

A Banksy-Style Bedroom

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A Minimalist, Modern Dining Space

Before you incorporate Banksy into your space, it’s important to recognize his past as an anonymous street artist. England-based modern artists, Banksy’s real identity remains unknown. Part of his allure is that nobody knows the man behind the famous graffiti. His work is more than just art, it’s also rich with political and social commentary. Banksy often makes tongue-in-cheek references to the downfall of society through technology, war, and capitalism. His work is the perfect conversation starter for any communal space – including the dining room! If you’re looking to prompt an engaging and enriching dinner conversation, a Banksy piece is the perfect place to start. Start with a minimalist space to complement the contemporary look. Your piece of wall art should be the focal point, which means your other décor shouldn’t try to compete with the print.

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Street Art Decor

A Statement-Making Living Room

If your living room is feeling a little lackluster lately, a Banksy-inspired print is the perfect solution. An oversized, multi-panel piece of artwork with a vibrant subject will take your living room from too simple to stylishly simple. Focus on decorating with neutrals, and let your Banksy add a pop of color. Banksy is famous for his use of the color red, which is a super trendy shade to add to your living room in 2022. Fill the area above your couch with a striking image that makes a statement.

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Street Art Style Tips

ElephantStock's interior design expert Elimar Lobo Sáenz shares her expert advice for adding graffiti and street-style wall art to your living room, while maintaining a sophisticated, modern look:

“Achieve the ultimate urban-chic look by mixing graffiti-style art with a sleek, serene atmosphere. Play around with elements that share a similar modern, urban aesthetic. Incorporate industrial-style light fixtures, organic materials, and luxurious finishes like wood, marble, granite, leather, and beyond.”

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Modern Graffiti Decor

A Pop of Color for Your Hallway

Don’t neglect the transitional spaces in your home! A Banksy-style piece is the perfect pop of color in an area like a hallway or entryway. Sometimes you need a touch of inspiration to elevate your interior. While Banksy’s artwork may have a black and gray base, he often adds vibrant, eye-catching colors for contrast. You can apply the same theory to your hallway or foyer. Don’t be afraid to add a splash of vibrancy, as your hallway doesn’t have to be cohesive with the rest of your home. It’s the perfect space to experiment with something offbeat, eccentric, and daring.

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Graffiti Wall Art Ideas

An Urban Home Office

Get inspired while you work from home with an edgy piece of artwork above your desk. Creating a modern office is all about being selective with your décor. Keeping your desk clean and clear is essential, so adding wall art is the perfect way to boost your style without creating a chaotic space. Banksy has been a consistent source of motivation and inspiration for creatives worldwide, so why not hang one of his designs to fuel your drive? Plus, it’s important to remind yourself that work isn’t everything, and quality of life should be determined by the little things rather than wealth itself. It’s the perfect psychological balance.

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Banksy Wall Art Decor

A Banksy-Style Bedroom

If you have a gray-based sleeping space, you might be panicking over the inclination to stray away from gray that has dominated 2022 design trends. But don’t fear! Gray isn’t out of style, it’s just about adding a bright hint of contrast to balance the contemporary cool neutral. Banksy does an incredible job of meshing concrete with color, which will seamlessly blend your gray tones with more multi-colored details.

Tip: Make sure to pile on cozy textiles to contrast the concrete visual effect.

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Banksy Street Art Decor

More Top Trending Artists

If you’ve fallen in love with Banksy as home décor, you’re not alone! Wall art inspired by the anonymous street artist will be everywhere in 2022. Plus, he’s not the only famous artist who’s trending this year. Check out our other creative collections inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe, Andy Warhol, and more. You can also visit out inspiration blog for more expert design tips. Create your dream interior in 2022!

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