You can’t get more contemporary than graffiti. Street art has always been a staple of self-expression, and a symbol of a modern metropolis. From Banksy to Basquiat, there’s something special about adding color and character to an urban environment. Take inspiration from iconic street artists, and hang a graffiti-inspired print in your home. Graffiti art can work perfectly in any interior, whether refined or industrial. Our design experts have put together the top trending ways to incorporate graffiti wall art into your space. Learn how to add a stylish street art touch to your home.

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Gorgeous Graffiti: A Creative Cityscape

Inspiration Typography meets Street Art

An Urban Twist on Workspace Wall Art

Creating a Cool, Casual Lounge Space

Art Prints That the Ultra-Modern Look

More Graffiti Wall Art Inspiration

Gorgeous Graffiti: A Creative Cityscape

Graffiti is a hot trend for 2021-2022. This funky style of wall art is the perfect way to add edge to your space. Tap into your artistic side and hang a colorful, abstract print in your main living space. A grungy rendition of a cityscape is ideal for creating an urban feel. Plus, it’s a great way to celebrate your favorite city in all of its colorful glory. From the Brooklyn Bridge to Big Ben, choose a metropolitan icon and let it shine as a statement piece.

Modern Living Room Ideas

ElephantStock's interior design expert Elimar Lobo Sáenz shares her tips for adding graffiti wall art to your living room:

“Get the “urban-chic” look by combining graffiti with a sleek, serene atmosphere. Experiment with elements that share a similar contemporary, urban aesthetic. Consider industrial-style light fixtures, live greenery, textured décor, etc. Experiment with a variety of luxe modern materials like wood, marble, granite, leather, and more. These timeless touches will create a current appearance that packs a punch. Remember to keep a neutral base!”

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graffiti artwork ideas

Inspiration Typography meets Street Art

Not only is graffiti beautiful, but it can also be inspirational. If you’re working with a primarily neutral space, and you want to add something striking, try graffiti wall art with a message. If inspirational typography is too vanilla for your taste, you can still get the same pop of motivational energy in graffiti wall art. Choose a piece that brings you back to childhood, and reminds you that sometimes it’s okay to color outside of the lines. You can’t go wrong adding character to your working or living space.

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graffiti wall art ideas

An Urban Twist on Workspace Wall Art

Speaking of working, 2022 décor trends are heavily based on the last two years of home-based living. Although the world is opening back up again, design trends are still being impacted by the pandemic. At-home workspaces are still a hot topic for this coming year. Boring offices are a thing of the past, and graffiti is the perfect way to elevate your productivity and boost your mood. Whether you share an office with others, or you use a corner of your living space, a multi-panel piece of graffiti will match practically any workspace.

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graffiti art drawings

Creating a Cool, Casual Lounge Space

Graffiti has an inherently casual vibe that instantly changes the look of a lounge space. If you’re wanting to create a laid-back area to relax, you can’t beat graffiti. Fill your cozy nook with plush pillows and textiles, and make your graffiti the focal point of your room. Stick to neutral tones and avoid competing with the colorful graffiti. Natural and organic details can provide a stunning contrast to the street art. Plus, graffiti allows you to achieve the coveted “perfectly imperfect” look.

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modern living room ideas

Art Prints for the Ultra-Modern Look

Modern spaces are about mixing sleek details and unpolished elements. If you love contemporary and industrial aesthetics, graffiti is the way to go. Add Mid-century modern furniture, and play with unfinished pieces like raw wood and exposed brick. A graffiti-style print will look playful and edgy at the same time. Colors that go well with graffiti art include white, beige, taupe, rust orange, and slate grey.

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graffiti artwork

More Graffiti Wall Art Inspiration

If you need help choosing the perfect piece of graffiti wall art, check out our article on the top graffiti wall art ideas going into 2022. For the ultra-creative designer, we also have a post on inspiring street art wall concepts. No matter how you choose to incorporate graffiti wall art, there are plenty of chic and contemporary ways to add these trendy prints to your space.

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