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In the last few months, a lot had changed in our lifestyle. From where we work to how we get together with our loved ones and even the way we shop.

But another coronavirus effect of staying indoors is a substantial rise in home decorating. To be precise, we've seen an increase of 185% in demand! Crazy, right? That's not all. 

While home decor became top of mind, it is specific rooms that are now getting more attention than ever.

To better understand how the current events have changed home decor trends, we conducted vast research and teamed up with a leading interior designer to discuss its surprising results.

So which rooms are more popular now? And what does an increase in nursery wall art mean (hint, hint: maybe an upcoming baby-boom?) 

Let's dive right in!

Why the Bedroom and Living Room Are on the Rise

Home decor trends coronavirus

Based on our research we see that people are more interested now in the bedroom and living room home decor than any other room like the bathroom and kitchen.

"Since the stay-at-home order was placed, a house has become increasingly significant in our lives." Explains Yoko Chow, Interior designer and owner of Yoko Chow Design LLC, CA.

"Under this stressful environment where we face fear and anxiety, it is understandable that a bedroom and living room are becoming critical spaces for us. With longer hours to spend in these rooms, it is a natural consequence to review their functionality and spend efforts on improvements."


home decor trends during covid-19

Compared to the same period last year, it's obvious that the bedroom is becoming super popular as it takes the 1st place in popularity. While demand for bathroom decor shifts from 1st to 2nd, the living room is on the rise at the 3rd place. The kitchen drops to 4th place, and the nursery remains at the 5th place. But wait, we'll discuss the nursery next!

In need of a bedroom or living room makeover? Yoko has a few tips for you!

"I would suggest thinking through your new daily routine to optimize functionality. When do you use these rooms and what do you use them for? Maybe you practice yoga in the living room where you wish to have a relaxing setup like in a yoga studio. You probably stare at a screen more often to chat with your friends and wish to have comfortable seating or a larger screen", Yoko explains.

"The process allows you to determine what can be added to accomplish such a setup, or you may find you simply need to shuffle things around to refresh!"

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A Bedroom for Relaxation 

Yoko continues: "Given the bedroom is normally used as a space to relax and to rest, minimalist, zen, or beach house decor elements may be good to avoid distractions and improve focus."

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The Surprising Trend: Nursery Wall Art

So, while we're seeing an increase in the bedroom's popularity, we're also experiencing a higher demand for nursery wall art! Specifically, 186%!

We're not suggesting that these two trends are connected (although, they may!) - all we're saying is that 2021 will welcome many new babies! 

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