2021 flipped the script on color trends when red rose to the top of every designer’s list. While this color is typically hailed as a seasonal shade for fall or winter, this year it dominated summer décor. Rich shades of cherry red convey a daring attitude and a sense of carefree passion. After so much uncertainty over the last twelve months, homeowners are eager to take chances and make major changes to their interior. There’s no statement color quite like red. We’re going to take you room-by-room through some of our top picks for red wall art and fiery décor.

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The Right Red for Your Entryway

Bright Red Kitchen Décor

A Ruby Red Living Room

Warm Red Bedroom Ideas

Embrace a Red Dining Space

Red: A Fiery Summary

The Right Red for Your Entryway

When it comes to decorating a foyer or entry space, keep your décor minimal and let your wall art serve as the main focal point. Add pops of red décor to tie in your vibrant print. Consider pairing a vivid red with a contrasting cool shade for optimal visual interest. Blue-green hues like turquoise and teal pair excellently with a bright, warm red.

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Bright Red Kitchen Décor

While combining red and pink may have been a design faux pas in the past, this trendy combo is getting hotter by the day. Consider a rosy, monochromatic color scheme for your kitchen. This feminine look is both trendy and welcoming. Hang a print that has both apple red and dusty rose details. Add raw, unfinished materials like brushed metal and concrete to balance the blush hues and give your space an edgy twist.

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A Ruby Red Living Room

Combining classic prints with modern details is a huge trend for 2021. Hang a vintage-inspired red print over a contemporary sofa for a dynamic look. Keep your living room light and bright by hanging a piece of wall art that includes palm leaves and other tropical blossoms. Choose velvety textiles in rose and ruby shades for a sophisticated touch.

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Warm Red Bedroom Ideas

Stick to warm-toned reds in the bedroom for a cozy touch. As we hang onto the end of summer, pair your rich reds with bright whites and ivory tones. This will ensure that your space still looks seasonally appropriate. Don’t be afraid to mix different versions of warm red for a more casual, comfortable look. Hang a piece of wall art that mixes red with neutrals.

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red bedroom ideas

Embrace a Red Dining Space

Add a pop of red in your dining space. While red is no stranger to formal dining rooms, it’s time to put a twist on tradition. Rather than dousing your dining room in regal reds like burgundy, use tomato red as an exciting accent. Decorate with raw wood and unpolished metals for a more contemporary take. Accessorize with fresh herbs and other indoor greenery for the perfect balance of warm and cool colors.

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Red: A Fiery Summary

Hop on this fiery trend ASAP! Rich red tones will enhance your interior in the blink of an eye. There’s a reason why this striking shade is red-hot (pun intended). For our closing statement, ElephantStock's interior design expert Elimar Lobo Sáenz seconds red as the shade of the summer:

“[With the emphasis on light and bright minimalism] red may seem like a surprising shade for 2021. However, there are a wide range of shades available. You can introduce red into your color scheme without going overboard. A splash of red wall art represents spontaneity, ambition, and passion.”

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