School is right around the corner, which means it’s time to update your child’s space with dynamic décor. If you’re a teen looking for the perfect way to upgrade your bedroom before school starts, we have some super stylish ideas. For teachers on the hunt for back-to-school wall art ideas, we also have some stellar suggestions. No matter what you’re looking for, wall art is a back-to-school essential. Boost creativity and inspiration with eye-catching artwork. From elementary school to high school, this is the ultimate décor guide to peruse before school starts. Discover our expert décor tips and trendy collections before summer inevitably ends!

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Educational Wall Art Trends

Elementary School Wall Art

Pre-Teen Wall Art Tips

High School Wall Art Ideas

Classroom Wall Decorations

More Trending Wall Décor

Browse our selection of wall art with your child to get them excited about learning. Let them pick out one of our educational prints for their wall. This is an excellent interactive bonding exercise that will result in consistent mental stimulation. Every time they look up at their wall, they will be expanding their mind and admiring their chosen print. Back to school is the perfect time to gift your child or teenager a dynamic piece of wall art.

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Trending Wall Décor for Kids & Teens

Put an educational twist on top trending décor ideas. Vintage astronomy is a trending style that creates a bohemian-style atmosphere. A cosmic chart is the perfect educational wall art idea for kids and teens alike. From constellations to a map of the planets, give you or your child’s room a celestial touch.

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Elementary School Wall Art

For elementary school-aged children, go with something colorful and eye-catching. You’re only young once, so embrace playful décor for your little one. The more vibrant the better, especially since visual stimulation is imperative for growth. While our taste for neutrals may mature as we age, as a kid, it’s all about fun colors and patterns. The benefit of wall art is that it can be easily swapped out as your child ages. Kids can change their interests in the blink of an eye, which makes wall art the perfect option for decorating a child’s bedroom or learning space. Wall art is low-cost and low-commitment, so you don’t have to worry about redoing their entire room as soon as their interests change.

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Pre-Teen Wall Art Tips

Looking for the perfect piece of wall art for a middle school bedroom? We’ve got you covered! Middle school is a time of change and growth. Everyone starts to develop hobbies and key interests in their early teen years. Before school starts, opt for a piece of wall art that represents a favorite hobby or pastime. Sports make excellent, eye-catching wall art subjects, as well as topics like fashion, nature, and even music! Self-expression is imperative for a stellar middle school experience, and wall art is the perfect way to experiment with creativity and originality. Identity is a huge part of being a pre-teen, which means your child’s room should reflect their sense of self.

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High School Wall Art Ideas

If you’re in high school and searching for the perfect piece of décor for your bedroom or lounging space, take inspiration from something you stan. From comic books to your favorite film franchise, hang artwork of your favorite characters for endless entertainment and inspiration. Show off what you’re passionate about! Your room is your space – which means it should represent your personality and what you love! If you love to escape to a fantasy world with dynamic characters and plot lines, showcase your taste in media right in the center of your space. Wall art is a great way to decorate your space before school starts. Having a personal sanctuary is essential before the school year begins.

TV & Movie Wall Art

Our brand-new Warner Brothers collection is FULL of pop culture goodness. Obsessed with suicide squad? Check out our Joker and Harley Quinn graphic prints! Fancy yourself more of a Potterhead? We have Harry Potter wall art for every house! Don’t forget to browse our Friends collection that celebrates the classic sitcom. From character profiles to classic quotes, you’ll be the envy of all your friends with this entertainment-forward wall art.

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Classroom Wall Decorations

Searching for the perfect classroom décor! We have endless options. Your job as a teacher is to make your learning environment fun and immersive. Wall décor is essential when it comes to curating a stimulating environment. One of the most fun and rewarding parts of being a teacher is getting to decorate your classroom with exciting and educational décor pieces. Whether you teach pre-school or high school, we have wall art for every age. Choose a brightly colored map of the world for your younger students, and a more realistic, vintage-inspired map for the older kids. From vibrant ocean scenes under-the-sea, to inspirational typography, the choices are limitless. The goal is to find a piece of wall art that feels representative of you as a teacher, while simultaneously motivating your students to be their best.

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More Trending Wall Décor

It’s impossible to cover our entire expansive collection in a single article. The best way to find wall art that speaks to you is to browse our selection of prints yourself! Take inspiration from our expert tips above, and then add your own panache and flair. Looking for even more design inspiration? Our décor blog is full of professional advice and tips & tricks. Before school starts, make sure to take advantage of our current wall art sale! Don’t miss out on the perfect piece of décor, and make sure to curate your interior before summer ends.

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