Dark winter nights make us crave a pair of fluffy slippers, warm coffee, a soft blanket, and a crackling fire. The Danes have one more winter essential to add to the list. Introducing, “hygge.” Pronounced as hoo-gah, hygge is the Danish concept of coziness and comfort. It’s all about seeking pleasure in ordinary and inexpensive things in our lives. There are many ways to embrace this Danish concept of hygge, and one of these is home decor. Even if you’re on a budget, Danish home decor is known to be one of the most affordable, timeless, and effective trends - especially if you live in an area with cold weather. We’ve consulted with our décor experts to bring you several inspiring hygge home decor ideas and wall art for a happier and healthier lifestyle. Let’s get started!

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What Is Hygge Décor: A Summary

Create a Candle-Lit Sanctuary

Decorate with Books

Create a Cozy Nook

Introduce Texture

Spread Vintage Touches

Create a Spa-Style Sanctuary

More Hygge Wall Art & Décor Ideas

What Is Hygge Décor: A Summary

Hygge décor is all about embracing nature, minimalism, and a snug, cozy feel. Focus on shades like white, beige, and soft greens and blues. Cozy textiles are your best friend, and use primarily organic fabrics and finishes. Wood furniture and one-of-a-kind details are key. Make sure the pieces you choose are both functional and stylish.

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Nordic Décor: Expert Tips

ElephantStock's interior design expert Elimar Lobo Sáenz explains why hygge is more popular than ever:

“Because our day-to-day life has had a significant indoor shift, this has prompted a massive resurgence in Nordic décor. Make your home even cozier with this Scandinavian style. Don’t miss out on trends like light-colored wood, natural pops of color, and adding a personal touch to your space.”

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Create a Candle-Lit Sanctuary

Artificial lights simply cannot replace the warmth and charm provided by traditional candles. A beautiful, candle-lit sanctuary helps to create an inviting atmosphere. It also helps to develop a soft glow that feels warm, welcoming, and relaxing. The delicate aura of candles not only lights up your space, but it creates a comfy, cozy feeling on a winter evening. With a perfectly simple ambiance, candles are ideal for achieving hygge in your home.

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Blue Birch Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Decorate with Books

A curated collection of books is at the core of any hygge home. This is essential during winter when we are cooped up inside. Decorate your shelves with books that hold personal meaning. Books are a great conversation piece and they have the power to make your space feel homey and lived-in. You can arrange books by color for a playful, cohesive touch. You can also mix in wall art, photos, vases, and other knick-knacks for a quirky look. If you’re a fan of boho charm, try peppering in vintage accessories.

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Book Of The Day Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Create a Cozy Nook

Every perfect hygge home has a corner to curl up with a soft blanket and spend quality time with yourself or your loved ones. This corner is called a nook, or "hyggekrog," as the Danes say.

It is necessary to feel far away from all your troubles when you are at home. You can create a personal haven using pale color palettes and ultra-soft natural textiles. Choose to layer throws and pillows to achieve the epitome of "hyggelig," and then retire to your nook to blissfully disconnect from the rest of the world. Get a super-comfy leather armchair to transform any corner into a lovely, lounge-worthy nook. In the nook, you can wind down at night, or enjoy a craft cocktail with family and friends.

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My Greenhouse Clover Live Simply Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Introduce Texture

The Danes combine materials and patterns in a way that helps to add interest and character, while still maintaining a minimalist look. They introduced plenty of warmth with natural materials, such as wood, wool, and leather. Make sure the overall look still adheres to a tight color palette to prevent it from looking chaotic or cluttered.

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Golden Autumn Leaves Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Spread Vintage Touches

When we talk about vintage items, a touch of nostalgia can make your hygge home decor more interesting. In spite of the minimalist approach, Danes believe that each household object should tell a story and hold a specific significance. Every piece should elevate your home décor. Avoid frivolous items that have no purpose, and proudly display your keepsakes and memorabilia for all to see. Consider vintage furniture as well! Repurpose a vintage chair or add a new life to an old bench from the flea market.

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Coffee For Two Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Create a Spa-Style Sanctuary

Instead of jumping in the shower as you rush to get out the door, treat your morning and evening as opportunities to relax and unwind. Make your bathroom a central space for rest and rejuvenation in your hygge-style home. Spa-style bathrooms are trending these days, especially in Scandinavian and Nordic homes. Nothing can replace the charm of soaking in an aromatic, steaming, hot bath. Buy some candles, stylish storage, soft lighting, fluffy bath robes, and even a sound system for a pleasant spa treatment within the comfort of your home.

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Abstract Balance VI Blue Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

More Hygge Wall Art & Décor Ideas

You don’t have to break the bank to create the perfect hygge home. Embrace stylish simplicity with personal details. Shop at the local flea market or a nearby thrift store for one-of-a-kind pieces that will give your home a curated feel. A piece of nature-inspired wall art is the perfect finishing touch for your home. Keep your color palette organic, and be selective with your décor. For more information on the perfect hygge color palette, visit our blog post on Scandinavian color palette ideas.

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