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Dark winter nights make us crave a pair of fluffy slippers, warm coffee, a soft blanket, and a roaring fire. The Danes say one more thing - they need hygge!

Pronounced as hoo-gah, "hygge" is a Danish concept of intimacy and coziness. It’s about seeking pleasure in ordinary and inexpensive things in our lives. 

Fortunately, there are many ways to embrace this Danish concept of lifestyle, and one of these is home decor. 

Now, you may think that making your home look "hygge" would be an expensive affair, but Danish home decor is known to be one of the most affordable, timeless, and effective trends - especially if you live in an area with cold weather.

Here are 7 inspiring hygge home decor ideas for a happier and healthier lifestyle:

Create a Candle-Lit Sanctuary

Artificial lights simply cannot replace the warmth and charm provided by traditional candles.

A beautiful candle-lit sanctuary helps to create an inviting atmosphere. It also helps to develop a soft light that feels welcoming and relaxing. 

The glow of candles not only lights up the space, it also lifts the spirit and casts perfect warm light on a winter evening.

With a perfectly simple ambiance, Hygge is one of the purest forms of home decor.


Blue Birch Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Decorate with Books

A good read is at the core of any hygge home. This is essential during winter when we are cooped up inside our homes.

So, decorate your empty shelves with gorgeous-looking books. You can also fill an entire wall, or even the whole room!

Books have a magical power to make your space feel welcoming and lived in.

You can arrange books by color to create an interesting sense of visual contrast and playfulness. For a personalized touch, you can mix in wall art, photos, vases, and anything you think will fit.

If you are a fan of boho charm, try placing a Danish vase atop a sky-high book stack. 

Book Of The Day Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Create a Cozy Nook

Every perfect hygge home has a corner to curl up with a soft blanket and have quality time with yourself or your loved ones. This corner is called a nook, or "hyggekrog," as the Danes say.

It is necessary to feel far away from all your troubles when you are at home. You can create a personal haven using pale palettes and ultra-soft natural textiles.

Choose to layer throws and pillows to achieve the epitome of "hyggelig," and then retire to your nook to blissfully disconnect from the rest of the world.

Get a sumptuous and super-comfy leather armchair to transform any corner into a lovely, lounge-worthy nook. In the nook, you can wind down at night, or enjoy a pleasant cocktail with family and friends from your neighborhood.

My Greenhouse Clover Live Simply Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Introduce Texture

The Danes combine materials and patterns in a way that helps to add interest and character, while still sticking to a minimalist look.

They introduced plenty of warmth with natural materials, such as wood, wool, and leather.

Make sure the overall look still adheres to a tight color palette to prevent it from looking distracting or clashing.

Golden Autumn Leaves Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Spread Vintage Touches

When we talk about vintage items, nostalgia and narratives help make your hygge home decor more interesting.

In spite of the minimalist approach, Danes think that household objects are not just simple things. Instead, they should tell a story or add value to the appearance of your home decor.

Consider the change of seasons to clear all purposeless things. Proudly display the landscape portrait of your grandmother or a splendid vase hand-painted by your mother to maximize timeless tradition.

Repurpose a vintage chair or add a new life to an old bench you can get at the flea market.

Coffee For Two Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Create a Spa-Style Sanctuary

Instead of rushing for a quick shower every morning, just imagine a comforting and relaxing spa-like treatment every day. So, make your bathroom the best place for rejuvenation and rest in your hygge home.

Spa-style bathrooms are trending these days, especially in Scandinavian and Hygge homes. Nothing can replace the charm of soaking in an aromatic, steaming hot bath.

So, buy some candles, stylish storage, good accent lighting, fluffy bath robes, and even a sound system for a pleasant spa treatment all within the comfort of your home.

Abstract Balance VI Blue Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Decorate your Home With Nostalgia in Mind

You don’t have to break the bank to own a perfect hygge home where you can live simply and happily with your family.

Shop at the local flea market or a nearby thrift store. We bet you will be surprised to discover unique nostalgic treasures at these locales.

These treasurable items are sure to evoke your emotions and feelings. Buy these items to give your home a hygge design.

Final Words

In the end, you should be a proud owner of a Hygge home. To complete the look don’t forget to "hygge" with your family and friends.

Happy decorating!



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