Turquoise Bathroom Decor

Blue is no stranger to bathroom décor. There’s a reason why this soothing hue has been a staple in bathrooms for as long as interior design has been around. The bathroom is a space meant for relaxation and self-care, so blue is the ultimate serene shade. Put an eye-catching twist on this classic color scheme by exploring turquoise. Like a sparkling pool in the summertime, turquoise is a bright blue with a hint of green. Discover the best turquoise-infused color schemes, and top turquoise décor ideas for 2022. Modernize your bathroom while still keeping it timeless with turquoise accessories.

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Turquoise: A Calming Color that Pops

Modern Turquoise Bathroom Ideas

Small Turquoise Bathroom Décor

Abstract Turquoise Bathroom Ideas

Black and Turquoise Bathroom Wall Art

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Turquoise: A Calming Color that Pops

Create a zen-like space with a hint of turquoise. The first step in curating a spa-inspired bathroom is to incorporate natural finishes. Organic materials like wood and stone are ideal for a minimalist space. Make sure your bathroom is well-lit and free of clutter. Focus on neutrals and organic tones like tan, beige, charcoal, and off-white. Turquoise will provide the perfect pop of color in a minimalist space. It’s eye-catching without being distracting. If you already have a neutral, sparse bathroom, turquoise can take your interior into 2022. This year is all about adding an unexpected twist to sophisticated spaces.

Expert Tips

ElephantStock's interior design expert Elimar Lobo Sáenz shares her tips for incorporating turquoise into a trendy bathroom:

Turquoise can encourage a feeling of peace, calm, and reflection. However, it’s still a statement color, and should be treated as such. Make sure to balance turquoise with contrasting colors. If you want a luxurious space, try colors like purple and red. For a mood-boosting bathroom, opt for orange and yellow accents. You can also stick to a classic color palette of teal and white, beige, or baby pink.

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Turquoise Bathroom Ideas

Modern Turquoise Bathroom Ideas

Even if you have a classic space, it’s easy to add a contemporary twist! Your bathroom doesn’t have to be dull to look refined. Start with the zen-like space described above, and then add a bold and bright touch! From wall décor to unexpected furniture, don’t shy away from vibrant (almost neon) colors. A stunning turquoise with other colorful accents will give your bathroom a truly modern look. Quirky decorations are hot for 2022, and it only takes one statement piece to completely change your space. If you’re working with an ultra-compact bathroom, choose a vivid bouquet of flowers for an easy upgrade. Other options include wall art, colorful backsplashes, or an accent wall.  

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Turquoise Bathroom Decor Ideas

Small Turquoise Bathroom Décor

Speaking of compact spaces, your bathroom can benefit from a touch of turquoise no matter the size! Try a turquoise succulent or a jar of turquoise sand for a subtle, beautiful blue accent. Hang floating shelves for a space-saving way to store your most aesthetically-pleasing belongings. Transfer your toiletries into matching glass jars for a more appealing look, and add a few sensorial elements like potpourri, incense, or candles. Take the ocean as your inspiration for both scents and décor. Hang a piece of turquoise artwork that hints at the peaceful sea. Play with turquoise within matching elements like shower curtains, towels, and bath mats. Cohesion is key, but so is making bold choices in equal measure!

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Small Turquoise Bathroom Decor

Abstract Turquoise Bathroom Ideas

Think outside of the box with more artsy, abstract décor. While clean lines and sleek spaces are timeless, texture and creativity are ultra-trendy for 2022. Add turquoise in unexpected ways. For example, paint a few drawers in turquoise and other blue tones, but leave some white for an eclectic, perfectly imperfect look. Instead of shiny, gold or silver finished, go with a vintage-inspired brushed bronze or nickel. Matte is coming back! Matte black accents are perfect for an effortlessly chic look with an industrial touch. Mixing vintage and modern décor will give your bathroom a truly unique feel. Finish the look with a piece of abstract artwork to fill your blank bathroom wall. Empty walls may be common in bathrooms, but every pro designer will tell you that an expertly decorated home has a personal touch in every nook and cranny. A piece of contemporary artwork will set your bathroom apart from the rest, and show your eye for design.

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Modern Turquoise Bathroom Decor

Black and Turquoise Bathroom Wall Art

If you’re design personality is more traditional, don’t fret! You can still explore turquoise décor. Paint your walls in a classic, soft seafoam with a hint of gray. Keep your space white, beige, gray, and ivory for a clean, timeless look. Hang a piece of wall art that has a vibrant, turquoise accent to modernize your space while still maintaining the tranquil theme. Finally, add black accents for a chic look that will never go out of style. Turquoise and black were a match made in design heaven. An easy way to add black is to choose a piece of turquoise artwork with a thick, sleek black frame. Framed artwork is ideal for a more traditional-inspired space.

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Black and Turquoise Decor

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Turquoise is a stunning color to add to your bathroom ASAP. It’s super easy to incorporate into your existing color scheme and décor. From wall art to knick-knacks, add a turquoise touch in the to your bathroom in the blink of an eye. Plus, your bathroom isn’t the only space that can benefit from turquoise blue! Add turquoise to any room in your home for a gorgeous, cool-toned tint. Looking for more home decorating and color palette inspo? Look no further! Check out our expert-led inspiration blog. Good luck!

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