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The new decade is officially here, the holidays are behind us and our new year's resolutions were made! To beat the post-holiday blues, take on a new and exciting project, just like refreshing your home! Wondering how to keep your home on trend for 2020?

Well, interior trends in 2020 will be all about comfort and sustainability. At the same time, with all the modern technologies and smart homes, the art deco will create a perfect contrast between home design and decor trends.

So let’s discover these 7 interior decor trends for 2020!

Good Lighting in Interior

Lighting in the home is one of the easiest ways to make your home look trendy in 2020. When choosing the lighting, look for well-made antique pieces that aren't flimsy. Also, look for light that illuminates the room and one which fits within your design aesthetic.

Go for Stunning Artwork

Art is one of those interior décor trends that never go out of fashion and suits every home design as well. This year we'll see more large and bold prints. You can check out the super unique and trendy artist Kaneda if you're ready to make a statement in your home! And if you're all about color, opt for new wall art in Classic Blue, the official Pantone color of the year! The best part about artworks is that you can use them in every room to make it look beautiful and trendy. 

Frida Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Don’t Forget Texture

Some rooms in your home can look ‘flat’ and uninviting. This is where beautiful texture comes in, and 2020 sees a strong focus on textured rugs, tiles as well as drapes. The fiber of rugs and upholstery, often in subtle shades, give a sophisticated but cozy feel.

Layering Rugs in a Bedroom or Living Area 

Rugs are one of the trendiest bedroom decor ideas. It can magnificently transform your space into a cozy sanctuary. Layering rugs, whether on hardwood floors or carpets, is a simple way to make any room look impressive and trendy. Layering rugs of beautiful patterns has been in fashion from previous years and will be continuing in 2020 as well.  

Modular and Multifunctional Furniture

2020 décor trends with more force will be about the modular as well as multifunctional furniture. The popularity of comfortable and trendy furniture lies in versatility, being able to offer several placement formats. Multifunctional furniture is useful, especially in your home office. Click here to discover the latest trends to decorate your home office. Buy furniture that you can easily organize according to the use of every area of your house.

Modern Pastels Colors

Muted hues, including soft pink, powder blue, beige, white, and light gray will be the interior trend for 2020. Whether it is upholstery, wall paint, backsplash, floor or art pieces these shades create a unique interior. You can mix the multiple pastels in artwork, furniture, and walls for a monochromatic effect. You can paint your walls with pastel shades and can hang art pieces of different styles in similar shades on these walls. 

Bubble Gum Animals Canvas Set Wall Ar

A Touch of Freshness in Interior

2020 décor also needs a touch of freshness in your home, and plants are an excellent option. Whether in the form of real potted plants or decorative artificial greenery, both look best in the interior. Now you can find many natural indoor or outdoor plants with flowers or opt for super easy to care for air plants!

Final Words

If you want to redecorate the spaces of your home, décor trends of 2020 are for you. Use the above mention beautiful décor ideas to make your house look stand out in 2020. But how can you embrace those trends with ease? You can concentrate on aspects, including color, texture, or pattern, and can use them in subtle ways to create an attractive look that’s trendy as well as livable for you.

May this be a year of beautiful colors and happy homes!



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