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Every New Year, we make endless resolutions. Some pledge to lose weight, travel to new places, quit smoking, and the list goes on. But have you thought about your home, which is perhaps the most relaxing and peaceful place for us?
So this New Year, make (and keep!) resolutions for your home and make it a lovelier, more comfortable and more beautiful place to live.
Here’s how you can do this:

Declutter & Organize Your Home

2020 will be the year that you get rid of clutter! Check your wardrobes, kitchen, storeroom, and garage for unnecessary items that are unnecessarily taking up your space. Take a trash bin and fill it with items that are cluttering your space. Donate the items that are in good condition, but you don’t need them anymore. Donate clothes you never wore for a few years. This will make your home look tidy and create space for your necessary possessions.

Reduce Energy Consumption

You don’t need to install solar panels if your budget doesn’t allow. You can still cut down your energy bill by taking small steps. Switch off lights every time you leave the room. Turn the taps off when you are brushing your teeth. Use LED bulbs and insulate your ductwork. One small effort with a huge effect on your energy bills is to go for relaxing, light, and calming home decor colors for your space. They illuminate the space naturally. Also, water your yard less and wash your car only when necessary. In this way, you will not only contribute to a better planet but also trim your energy costs.

Treat Your Walls to Creativity

Beautify your walls or replace old decor with something new and exciting. Art affects the mood in a positive manner. It adds creativity and uplifts your good emotions.
Memory walls with your personal photos are super trendy! Also, unique artworks can truly add life to your walls. Our bonus tip: opt for wall art in Classic Blue. It is Pantone's color of 2020 that will give a fresh start to the new year.

The Starry Night Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art by ElephantStock

Accomplish a Home Improvement Project

In the New Year, let’s try your hands on a home improvement project that you've been neglecting for years. Don’t forget to involve your family as this will provide you some quality time with your loved ones. Try a DIY project that is fun, creative, and interesting. It can be remodeling an old cabinet, dressing up your kitchen island, making a pallet wall, and anything you love. Go for an easy home improvement project that is within your budget and that you can actually stick to. 

Make Your Home Safe

You have a beautiful home! But is it safe for your family? Make sure you install basic safety equipment in your home like a smoke alarm, fire extinguishers, WiFi thermostat, etc. Keep a first aid kit and a contact list for doctors handy. Your house must be well-ventilated and have non-toxic houseplants.

Pamper your Home with Greenery

Adorn your mantle with fresh branches of fragrant plants. For a chic way to celebrate the New Year, create a greenery basket, and fill it with flowers, leaves, and branches. You can decorate even your headboard and dining table with greenery. Have low maintenance air plants inside your home. Plants add a refreshing and positive look to your space. Having a nature-inspired wall art is another extraordinary way to bring in outdoor settings indoor.

Wild Forest Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art by ElephantStock

Wrapping Up

So you see that getting your home ready for New Year is very easy and cost-effective. Ideally, try anything to give a whole new look to your home that you enjoy. Your home will thank you for this.

Happy new year from all of us at ElephantStock! 



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