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Orange is the color of the season. 2022 trends have been heavily influenced by the 1970s, and a warm, playful color palette is one of the most popular outcomes. However, a vibrant, 70s-style tangerine isn’t the only shade of orange to explore! We’ve highlighted the most modern ways to incorporate orange into your interior. Your living room is the most communal space in your home, which means it’s the perfect place to experiment with contemporary style. Wow your guests with eye-catching décor, and discover expert design tips to make the most of your main space.

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Unexpected Shades of Orange Living Room Décor

Create a Contemporary Orange Living Room

Orange Décor - A Modern Pop of Color

Boho Style Orange Home Décor

Trending Orange-Toned Wall Art

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Unexpected Shades of Orange Living Room Décor

If you want to tip your toe into the orange pool but you’re not sold on a true, sunshine-y orange, try something equally retro but slightly softer than traditional orange. A pink-toned coral is the perfect twist on a typical orange hue. Combine coral with other warm tones like yellow, cream, and ivory. 2022 is all about exploring monochromatic themes, so you don’t need to worry about balancing cool and warm colors in your living room if you don’t want to! While orange can also pair beautifully with cool neutrals, it can also complement similarly warm tones like gold and bronze.

Expert Décor Tips

ElephantStock's interior design expert Elimar Lobo Sáenz shares her tips for creating a contemporary living room with orange:

“The best way to incorporate a vibrant accent color is through elements that can be easily changed, so that you can start experimenting with color and get a sense of what you like. For example, play around with decorative textiles, cushions, blankets and rugs. Other pieces that could also be included would be an orange accent chair or an abstract painting with orange details.

Since the color orange is quite versatile, you can play with its different tones and create a palette that scales harmoniously without clashing with your existing décor. It especially blends well with a neutral color palette! Playing with texture is also important, so try fun fabrics like velvet or angora.

For a super trendy color combo, try orange and pink! Below are a few of my favorite shades to mix with orange:

Brown + Orange - For an elegant, timeless space

Blue + Orange - For a warm and playful interior.

Gray + Orange – For a sophisticated space.

White + Orange – For a fresh and energetic home.

Pink + Orange – For a trendy and modern aesthetic.

Purple + Orange – For a vibrant and stylish living room."

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orange living room decor

Create a Contemporary Orange Living Room

There are tons of ways to ensure your interior looks modern, no matter how lively and retro your color palette. First and foremost, be selective about your furniture and accessories. Focus on clean lines and minimal décor. You will have a lot more freedom with your color palette if you maintain a minimalistic space. Luxurious textures can keep your living room looking mature, even if you use fun, vibrant hues! Textiles like velvet, suede, leather, and polished woods are perfect for a contemporary living room. Add orange through accessories like blankets, pillows, and wall décor. Wall art is a great way to experiment with adding orange to your space. For an ultra-trendy touch, hang a modern piece of multi-panel wall art with a minimalist, architectural design.

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orange living room ideas

Orange Décor - A Modern Pop of Color

If you have a predominantly neutral space, orange is the perfect color to add for a 2022 touch. While all-neutral spaces skyrocketed to popularity in the last few years, times are changing. Color is in! But don’t fret if your living room is feeling a little lackluster. Orange can instantly brighten up your space while still maintaining its modern feel.

Grey and Orange Living Room

Although grey is making its way out of the top trending tones in 2022, you don’t have to get rid of it altogether. A splash of orange will elevate your grey space and make your living room look current. Use a more cool-toned orange to avoid clashing, and keep a modern feel. Don’t be afraid to mix playful prints and patterns, as long as you avoid clutter and chaos.

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Boho Style Orange Home Décor

If you don’t vibe with the stark, minimalist version of modernism, experiment with something more free-spirited! A bohemian vibe will never go out of style. Orange fits seamlessly into a boho living room due to it’s sunny, warm feel. One of our top trending wall art collections is the “Mandala” catalog. These spiritual, positive prints are great for adding a statement piece in your space.

Cream and Orange Living Room Décor

Cream and orange are a match made in design heaven. Designers are swapping out bright white for softer variations like beige and ivory. Plus, these neutral colors are the perfect way to match your orange details stand out. When you’re decorating with orange, it’s important not to compete with the striking shade.

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Trending Orange-Toned Wall Art

One of the top trends for 2022 is putting a modern twist on classic décor. Hang a warm-toned piece of wall art with orange accents in the center of your space. Choose a print inspired by a famous fine artist. Our art director, Tirzah Goodman, has highlighted Gustav Klimt as one of the most popular classic artists making a comeback in contemporary interiors. His work is filled with gold leaf and burnt orange floral details. Select an oversized print to make the most of your space, and give your living room a whole new appearance in the blink of an eye. Add fresh greenery and live flowers to complement the orangey art nouveau look.

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More Living Room Décor Ideas

Orange is undoubtedly one of the coolest colors to add to your contemporary living room. However, your color palette doesn’t end there! If you’re looking for more trending colors to add to your main living space, we’ve got you covered. Check out our décor inspiration blog for expert tips and tricks on how to elevate your interior. From coral to tangerine and everything in between, orange is hot, hot, hot! Create the home of your dreams with simple, stylish solutions.

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