Fall is the perfect season to give your porch a makeover. While there are all the traditional accessories like pumpkins and leafy wreaths, there are also plenty of new trends to explore. From outdoor wall art to super-trendy textiles, we’ve outlined the top porch and patio décor that you haven’t seen before. Our design experts have put together the ultimate guide to 2021 fall/winter styles. Wow your guests throughout the coziest season of the year.

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Patio & Front Porch Ideas for Fall

Chic & Modern Front Porch Décor

Unique & Quirky Porch Décor Ideas

Decorating a Large Front Porch

Green Décor for Autumn

More Outdoor-Inspired Ideas

Patio & Front Porch Ideas for Fall

With everything that’s been going on this year, it might feel daunting to get inspired by the idea of decorating your porch. However, sometimes all it takes to boost your mood is a change of scenery. While these recent holiday seasons may have felt a little different than they used to, your décor can help you embrace change.

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Tips from a Pro

ElephantStock's home design expert Elimar Lobo Sáenz shares her tips for 2021 fall patio décor:

“Natural fiber mats are currently a huge trend for outdoor décor. Use raw, organic materials to give your space a laid-back, modern vibe. If you really want to make a statement, opt for a porch swing loaded with cozy accent pillows and pampa grass as a stylish accent piece. Speaking of pampa grass, consider this trendy dried plant as a contemporary wreath! Bright orange pumpkins are being swapped for gourds in off-white, yellow, and lime green shades. Finish the look with rustic lanterns and a decorative chalkboard sign.”

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Chic & Modern Front Porch Décor

If your goal is to create a chic and contemporary atmosphere, there are several sleek décor ideas to consider. Choosing a neutral-based, almost monochromatic color palette is a great place to start. Neutral colors will make traditional décor look instantly more up-to-date. For example, swap black Halloween-style lanterns and black metal risers for light wood or woven materials. Display trendy grey pumpkins and pale clay pots. The trick is to keep things predominantly monochromatic, but not to shy away from color all together! Add a splash of the unexpected with a vibrant pop of color. Place potted fall flowers like chrysanthemums come in unconventional shades like purple and pink.

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Unique & Quirky Porch Décor Ideas

If you live in a warm climate, why not combine fall décor with local succulents for a completely modern look? For designers who like to march to the beat of their own drum, plants like cacti, eucalyptus, and string of pearl succulents will stand out. You can even hollow out a pumpkin and use it as a pot for your unconventional greenery. Balance the quirky plants with classic autumn details like dried corn stalks. If you really want to make your porch pop, go bold and paint your front door in a trending color for 2022. This will carry your décor into winter and give it a stylish look for the foreseeable future. Some popular shades for the upcoming seasons include the blue/green “Breezeway” by Behr, a regal, eggplant purple, and a golden, egg-yolk yellow.

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Decorating a Large Front Porch

While there are endless ways to decorate your porch, the easiest way is relatively underused. Wall art can give your porch a brand-new look with very little expense or effort. If your porch is semi-protected from the elements, or you live in a city with predominantly mild weather, wall art can be the perfect upgrade. You can easily swap out your artwork depending on the season, so don’t be afraid to commit to a fall-inspired theme. Even if you don’t live somewhere with spectacular fall foliage, you can create a cozy look with a photorealistic print. For a more contemporary look, opt for an abstract print with classic warm, fall shades. A stunning alternative to a traditional wreath is a canvas with an illustration of a wreath. Hang a wreath print on your door for a more artsy take on the typical autumn accessory.

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Green Décor for Autumn

An atypical fall color that has recently risen to popularity is a soft green. From sage to seafoam, this color usually finds its footing in Spring. However, nothing about this year has been typical. The color predictions reflect this unpredictable time. A cool green with blue undertones represents rebirth and serenity. Welcome your friends and family into your home with a refreshing, soothing shade.

There are several ways to incorporate this color into your outdoor space. Add a piece of artwork that incorporates a sage-inspired hue, or give your patio furniture a fresh coat of paint. If you don’t want to paint your entire door, change the color of your doorframe to a pastel green. Last but not least, consider cozy textiles like pillows and throws in this gorgeous subtle shade.

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More Outdoor-Inspired Ideas

For more stunning porch décor, take a look at our short article on 8 simple ideas to consider this fall. If you’re looking for porch and patio décor ideas that aren’t specific to fall, we’ve got your back! View this article on some of our favorite outdoor décor trends. Remember, if you’re decorating your front porch, make sure your style is consistent! This means you shouldn’t neglect your entryway or foyer area. Your décor should blend seamlessly from one side of your front door to the other. Check out our article on the most beautiful entryway ideas for a curated expert guide. No matter what décor you choose to add to the front of your home, make sure it feels true to you.

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