Winter colors are typically dark, moody, and cozy. Add a splash of bright berry tones for a seasonally appropriate, vibrant touch. Vivid berries grow in the harshest weather conditions, which makes them a symbol of hope. Plus, reddish maroon hues are stunning with winter décor. Discover the best variations of berry-inspired colors to add to your space. Our design experts have put together the most gorgeous winter color combos. From wall art to trendy tips, turn your home into a warm winter wonderland.

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Bright Berry Red

Berries in the Snow

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Raspberry Tones

Frosted Holly Berries

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Bright Berry Red

While berry tones can be deep and muted, you can also go for a bright cherry red. Pair vibrant red furniture with gold and rose gold details for a bold and inviting look. Focus on creating a neutral base to avoid overwhelming your space. The perfect balance between modern neutrals and rich red tones will create a contemporary holiday vibe. By avoiding cool tones like green and blue, you can curate an unexpectedly warm interior.

Winter Foliage

Poinsettias are a great way to add red to your living space. These flowers will add a hint of color while still maintaining the winter theme. You can also get the same effect with poinsettia-inspired wall art. Hang a multi-panel print as a statement piece in your entryway or foyer.  

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winter red wall art

Berries in the Snow

While sticking to warm tones may be unexpected, you can’t go wrong with a warm/cool balance. Create an icy color palette with a pinch of warmth using pale blue and berry red. The color of icicles in the morning light should serve as your primary source of inspiration. Off-white and grey tones will mimic the look of snow. Pick a piece of wall art with a photorealistic print of dark pink berries. The color scheme can refresh any room, but focus on communal spaces for maximum impact.

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berry wall art

Huckleberry Hues

Huckleberries are red with purple undertones, which makes them a cooler choice compared to a cherry red. Use huckleberry-infused colors throughout your space with textiles, accessories, and wall art. For a surprising, modern twist, add shiny lacquered black furniture to complement the natural shine of ripe huckleberries. You can also swap fresh flowers less distracting flora like dried wheat and pampas grass for a cohesive, blended look.

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winter berry wall art

Raspberry Tones

Raspberry and blackberry can serve as stunning, saturated inspiration for your interior. Choose a raspberry sofa and a piece of wall art with bold berry tones. Make your space the envy of your friends and family this holiday season. Start with an off-white or ivory base to create contrast, and don’t be afraid to play with darker décor.

Expert Tips

If you’re as enamored with raspberry as we are, follow this expert tip from our article all about this mouth-watering shade:

“Raspberry-tinted velvet is the perfect way to make a sophisticated statement. Give your living room an aesthetic upgrade with this lush texture and rich color combo. Velvet will always be in style, and raspberry is equally timeless. Use metallic details like gold, rose gold, and copper to make the velvet furniture stand out.”

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red and purple wall art

Frosted Holly Berries

Create a cozy space by the fire, inspired by frosted branches and frozen berries. There’s something undeniably peaceful about the crisp, morning frost that blankets the great outdoors. Hint at winter woodland scenes with fresh pine branches and soft candlelight. Choose berry-colored furniture and cover it with furry blankets and fuzzy pillows for a textured look. Green and berry red are a foolproof Christmas color combo.

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winter wall art

More Winter Décor Ideas

From berry wall art to icy accessories, there’s no time like the present to get your home ready for winter. Our inspiration blog is full of seasonal décor ideas. Discover the five top ways to make your home cozy for winter. You can also explore the trendiest ways to decorate your space for Christmas 2022. Happy decorating!

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