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If there’s any way to describe 2020, I think we can all agree that it’s a year of change. Let’s make the choice to embrace these changes, and start totally anew! This exciting fresh start gives us the opportunity to redesign our living space, and turn it into a place where we actually want to spend time. 

The color grey has been a longstanding contemporary design trend, but is it time to swap it out for a new style?

Neutral tones will always be prominent in design schemes, but grey has recently taken the lead as the most popular shade for modern interiors.

To find out whether the color grey will weather the 2020 storm, read on!

The New Neutral

Grey may appear to be a timeless trend, but many designers are yearning to incorporate bold pops of color. Neutral tones still serve as a common base, but homeowners are getting increasingly eager to add touches of vibrant tones. Learn how to brighten your space by adding vivid colors to a neutral color palette.

"Dress up your grey with a pop of contrast," says Rae Ferraiuolo, Principal Designer at Haute Haus.

"This can be in the form of bright colors, metallic accents, or simple white. For example, if you choose to paint an accent wall in a grey tone, consider making this a gallery wall with a variety of frame finishes and white matting. If you select a grey sofa, amplify the neutral backdrop with punchy accent pillows and a patterned throw blanket."

When you’re working with neutrals, don’t be afraid to go dark. Deep-toned accent walls will pop among light-colored flooring, and add dimension to your interior décor.

Sticking to neutral doesn’t mean you have to rule out all colors. Navy blue and dark green are ideal for homeowners who want to add subtle touches of color for a chic, refined interior.

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The Bathroom & Beyond

While grey may not be the only way to achieve sleek modernism, it will never truly go out of style. Grey can still serve as a great base for smaller spaces like your bathroom.

One of the reasons grey will always remain a popular choice for bathroom décor is because it’s much easier to keep clean than solid white. For instance, grey tile requires much less maintenance due to its more forgiving shade.

Just because you use grey as your base, doesn’t mean you have to stay completely monochromatic. Plus, it doesn’t take a lot to brighten up your bathroom. You can add something as simple as a wooden shelf or a colorful set of towels. The easy, affordable design ideas are endless.

Gray bathroom ideas home decor

The Best of Your Bedroom

First and foremost, your bedroom should be a serene space that promotes rest and relaxation. It’s always ideal to keep your bedroom décor chic and simple, and grey is an excellent shade to use to create a calming atmosphere. There are several ways you can incorporate grey while still keeping your bedroom light and bright.

"Grey is an extremely versatile color in the bedroom." Ferraiuolo continues.

"Use cool-tone light greys in your wall paint if you'd like a contemporary baseline for your furnishings and decor that will not overwhelm the space or make it feel small. Darker, slightly warm-tone greys will help to create a feeling of enclosure and introduce a masculine aspect. Layer your greys for a minimalist monotone effect, or contrast them with neutrals to soften."

Wall art is a great way to get your grey fix without overwhelming the room. No matter if your color palette consists of deep reds or bright whites, hints of grey will always add a touch of class. You can also opt for a sleek, grey curtain or funky silver pendant lights. The opportunities are endless.

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Already have some grey space you’re looking to brighten up? Check out these tips for how to decorate a blank, neutral wall.

Crafting Your Kitchen

Grey isn’t the only trend that’s transforming in 2020. Kitchen islands are now being swapped out for the classic eat-in kitchen with a cantilevered breakfast bar.

Accessorize your new dining area with grey seating that will elevate rather than overwhelm your multi-functional cooking space. You can also incorporate grey-toned stone for a timeless, earthy vibe.

Sticking to exclusively cool tones is out, and mixing warm AND cool is in. Combine a beige floor with a grey countertop, or tan cabinets with pewter tiles. Whether you’re a minimalist or a lover of all things decorative, don’t be afraid to mix and match contrasting neutrals in your kitchen.

grey kitchen home decor ideas

Give Your Living Room a Lift

If you’re someone who refuses to give up their tried and true neutrals, the good news is, grey will never truly be obsolete. Grey comes in so many different shades and tones, the color will always be a design staple.

Taupey greys with a hint of warmth are replacing dusty, blueish greys. For your living room, a grey couch is always a classic choice. If you’re bold, you can even explore dark, smoky greys and charcoals.

Gray wall art

Stay with Grey... or Decorate Your Way!

Trends may ebb and flow, but it is important to choose a color scheme that feels true to you. Your home is a visual representation of your personality, so pick and choose the trends that best suit your personal style.

There’s no one right answer when it comes to choosing vibrant colors or subtle neutrals. Try mixing a little bit of both, and don’t be afraid to play around! Discovering your perfect balance of shades is all part of the fun of redecorating your home.



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