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The minimalistic and monochromatic trend of a neutral palette is here to stay for longer. Does this tame interior trend mean no fun and bright colors? Fortunately, no! There are many inexpensive and easy ways to add a pop of color to your mainly white, gray, and ivory space.

Still not convinced? Take a look and try yourself!

Incorporate Accent Wall 

An accent wall is a great way to inject some extra pop of color and enliven things up. Warm shades - red, orange, and yellow - can make your space appear smaller. So choose a wall that can handle being foreshortened. For example, a wall in your long, narrow bedroom. Ideally, choose cool colors like green, purple, and blue that will make even a small room appear bigger.

Another best option is using inspiriting colors that fill your space with charming hues and energy. For instance, try out Amazonite stone shade to fill your room with hues and your mind childlike energy. However, keep in mind that every room needs a specific color scheme that meets its intended purpose. The colors you choose to decorate your home office often does not work in bedrooms.

Beautify With Expressive Cushions

Cushions are great carriers of easy and instant colors. Luckily, your living room sofas, chairs, breakfast nooks are all prime real estate to place your throw pillows. The simplest rule is adding 20% color to your space through pillows and keeping the 80% neutral if you’re sure you won’t use other vibrant accent pieces. Have all cushions in a single shade or mix-and-match your favorite colors to add vibrancy to the neutral color scheme. This one-piece will stunningly color your whole space.

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Get Vibrant Drapes

To add vibrancy to your rooms, let the sun sweep in with eye-catching and cheerful drapes. Infuse your neutral living room or bedroom with color through vibrant curtains. Choose from different options, from simple stripes to trendy patterned designs.

Adorn With Wall Art

Bring pops of colors into your neutral space through artwork. The nature-inspired artistic pieces work best with neutral palettes. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold prints like a teal sky art and mixed media collages of your sweet memories. Make sure you keep the surrounding simple so that your art pieces create the focal point.

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Bring In Botanicals

Having plants or colorful floral arrangements indoor is a thrifty, plus a healthy way to enliven your neutral room. Plants are portable. So you can change their location anytime you want. Since botanicals are not expensive, you can replace them with new ones whenever you need a change. If you don’t have a green thumb, get artificial faux plants or flowers for the same effect.

Take Accent Rugs Underfoot

Accent rugs are easy on your pocket and do the job beautifully.
Rugs are easy to clean, add, and remove. They easily go anywhere in the house - in your kitchen, living room, dining room, and bedroom to your little reading nook.
Top of that, an area rug with a colorful pattern helps hide dirt and debris while keeping your décor colorful and cheerful.

Try these ideas and have a home much more expressive and vibrant without spending too much. Whatever decor item you buy, make sure you choose trendy colors to give a modern look to your space.



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