It doesn’t get any cooler than Behr’s 2022 Color of the Year. This iconic paint haus has finally announced their predictions for 2022’s hottest shade. “Breezeway” is a self-proclaimed sea-glass green. Behr describes this soft, foggy hue as a “silvery green shade with cool undertones.” Gone are grassy shades and yellow-tinted greens, this color is cool through and through.  We’ve teamed up with our design experts to bring you the most stylish ways to add this new hue to your interior. From wall art to blue green painting ideas, explore the stunning possibilities of Behr’s Breezeway.

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Breaking Down “Breezeway”

Earthy and Effortless

Modern and Timeless

Cool and Cozy

A Green-Blue Bedroom

Beyond Behr Blue/Green Paint Colors

Breaking Down Breezeway

While 2022 trends aren’t completely devoid of warmer shades, there is a heavy focus on cool, calming colors. Breezeway is a delicate balance between relaxing and rejuvenating. While it is easy on the eyes, it also represents fortitude and new beginnings. If you’ve been searching for a shade that looks serene and invigorating at the same time, Breezeway is your perfect compromise.

Color Palette Pairings

Some of the other colors in Behr’s 2022 palette include off-whites, greys, and terra-cotta-inspired shades. Cool statement colors are offset by warm neutrals, and the entire collection is reminiscent of a misty day at the beach. The beauty of Breezeway is that it can work into almost any existing color palette, so there’s no need to start from scratch.

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Earthy and Effortless

Green is a typically earthy shade, but Breezeway has an ethereal edge. The hint of blue in this pastel green gives it a heavenly touch. There’s something almost whimsical about its minty undertones. Paint an accent wall (or an entire room) in Breezeway, as this color is eye-catching without looking overwhelming. Accessorize with indoor greenery and live plants to elevate the organic energy. Stick to white or off-white furniture to keep your space looking modern.

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green canvas art

Modern and Timeless

One of the #1 perks of Breezeway is its ability to transcend time. While it’s undoubtedly a modern shade, it can also work with a traditional interior. Good news for vintage lovers! If your home is full of antique finds, you can still incorporate this contemporary color. Hang a piece of abstract art to bridge the gap between the old and the new.

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modern green wall art

Cool and Cozy

Even though Breezeway is cool, it has a cozy quality because of how soft and light it looks. Create a comfy space that doesn’t look dated with furniture and accessories in a Breezeway tone. While Behr chooses to style Breezeway in predominantly minimalist spaces to add to the modern effect, it can also work in a space is cozy textiles and open shelves that display your prized possessions. The versatility is unmatched.

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A Green-Blue Bedroom

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that Breezeway and bedrooms are a match made in décor heaven. Experiment with calming aqua bedroom ideas. While using blue in a bedroom is by no means revolutionary, this green twist on the blue bedroom trend is the perfect upgrade. Paint the wall behind your bed in Breezeway, and accessorize with both warm and cool metallic details. Using mixed metals will create a welcoming balance without having to add more color.

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mint wall art

Beyond Behr Blue/Green Paint Colors

The best part about Breezeway is that it’s almost impossible to go wrong when adding it to your home. It’s the perfect color for amateur and professional designers alike. If you’re curious about more color trends for 2022, visit our inspiration blog. You can also hop over to our article on Sherwin-Williams color forecast for next year.  

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