The long-awaited Sherwin-Williams color forecast is here – and it’s a daring dreamscape of modern hues. 2021 is coming to a close, which means it’s time to start planning your 2022 décor. Our experts have curated a selection of interior ideas that incorporate Sherwin-Williams four, new color palettes. From wall art to furniture pairings, get ahead of the design game with these stunning makeover ideas. You don’t have to break the bank to give your space a fresh, new look. These color schemes are full of life, and ready to instantly transform your home. Wow your guests with an interior that’s trendy before the trends even hit the industry.

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“Method” – Warm Neutrals

“Opus” – Mixed, Moody Tones

“Dreamland” – Organic, Soft Shades

“Ephemera” – A Modern Mix

Style Summary

“Method” – Warm Neutrals

The first collection of contemporary colors is titled, “Method.” This catalog is all about exuding pure luxury from an organic perspective. Like a sepia-toned photograph, warm neutrals are the base of this palette. Start with muted beige shades and add citrus-inspired accent tones like chartreuse and yellow-gold. If you’re looking for a way to neutralize your space but still keep it lively, this is the ideal composition for you.

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warm color wall art

“Opus” – Mixed, Moody Tones

If you’re drawn to a darker take on dusky neutrals, consider the glamourous “Opus” collection. This classic-inspired palette is evocative but not dated. An equal mix of warm and cool tones, Opus combines sophisticated shades of silver and grey-blue with contrasting hues of blackberry and ruby red. A pop of orange clay ties together the earthy elements with the jewel tones. This selection of colors is ideal for creating a cozy space with a stylish edge.

Mandala Wall Art

To complement the earthy undertones, hang a bohemian-style mandala print that incorporates both golds and berry tones. Our mandala collection was curated by art director, Tirzah Goodman, and is intended to add the perfect amount of visible texture to your space.

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mandala wall art

“Dreamland” – Organic, Soft Shades

Influenced by early blossoms and pale flora, the “Dreamland” palette looks exactly like its namesake. This ethereal collection is intended to promote a new season in your life, full of rebirth and untouched beginnings. Let yourself drift off to a fresh fantasy world of sage greens and pale pinks. Create a base of linen-inspired neutrals and add accent colors through wall art and furniture. Velvet textiles and other delicate finishes are perfect for maintaining the whimsical appearance. To avoid a space that looks too flowery, add modern details like contemporary light fixtures and minimalist décor.

discount wall art sale

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pink wall art

“Ephemera” – A Modern Mix

The “Ephemera” collection is less monochromatic than the previous palettes, and is meant to allow the designer more freedom with contrasting décor. A combination of classic colors and modern accent hues, each color represents the marriage between tradition and the future ahead. True blues and olive greens are paired with butter yellows and pure oranges. While it may seem like an eclectic mix, you can easily create a refined look by using pale versions of the statement shades as your base, and adding a piece of wall art with the deeper variations.

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neutral wall art

From Warm Neutrals to Contemporary Colors

Sherwin-Williams is renowned for their ability to predict the top tones for the year ahead, and it’s easy to see why. These colors are meant to elevate your space in a way that seamlessly fuses trends and timelessness. Whether you’re looking for a way to refresh your bedroom or your main living space, these palettes have something for everyone. Universally appealing and simultaneously unique, Sherwin-Williams has defined the transition into 2022 – a year full of hope.

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