How to Create a Cool and Calm Color Palette

 Cool colors are taking over 2022 trends. The top color predictions for next year are in, and they’re all about creating a calm atmosphere. Serenity is the name of the game for the year ahead, and nothing says relaxation like tranquil cool tones. While 2021 was focused on new beginnings and bold choices, 2022 is about settling into the new normal. Embrace change, and allow yourself to go with the flow. We’ve outlined the top five cool color trends to give your home an easy-breezy vibe. Our design experts will walk you through the best wall art and décor to add these trendy tones to your color palette.

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Evergreen Fog – Sherwin-Williams

October Mist – Benjamin Moore

Breezeway – Behr

Olive Sprig – PPG

Aleutian – HGTV Home

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Evergreen Fog – Sherwin-Williams

Breathe in the damp pine needles on the temperate rainforest floor. “Evergreen Fog” by Sherwin-Williams is exactly what is sounds like. Transport yourself to a misty day among the trees with this beautiful soft green. More muted than a pastel green, this color incorporates a touch of warmth and no blue undertones. Paint your walls in this sophisticated shade for a classy color that works all year long. Accessorize with deeper green tones and warm metals.

The Method Palette

For more ideas on how to incorporate Evergreen Fog, reference this paragraph from our article on the complete Sherwin-Williams color palette predictions. The Evergreen Fog shade is from the “Method” collection:

“The ”Method” catalog is all about exuding pure luxury from an organic perspective. Like a sepia-toned photograph, warm neutral colours for walls are the base of this palette. Start with muted beige shades and add citrus-inspired accent tones and cool greens.”

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October Mist – Benjamin Moore

“October Mist” is appropriate for any month of the year. Benjamin Moore has dubbed this silvery green the top tone for 2022. Inspired by the green of a flower stem, this shade is fresh while still looking refined. Pair October Mist with shades like rose quartz and beige, as well as muted blues. Wood details also look beautiful with this natural color. Use this color in a high-trafficked area, or keep it to a calm, personal space like your bedroom.

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Breezeway – Behr

We have an entire article on the gorgeous “Breezeway” shade by Behr. This refreshing color is somewhere in between blue and green, leaning more towards green. A true pastel, Breezeway is a breath of fresh air. Slightly more playful than some of the more muted color trends, this shade is by no means a neutral. However, it’s delicate enough to use liberally throughout your space. Go with gold and caramel details, as well as plush textiles for a warm touch.

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Olive Sprig – PPG

Another hue in the green family, Olive Sprig by PPG is much warmer and earthier than its predecessors. There’s something meditative about olive groves, and their rich green tone. Olive Sprig puts a lighter and brighter twist on the classic olive shade. Dark olive green was hot for 2021, but 2022 is bringing a softer touch. Pair this color with trendy texture like pampas grass and wicker furniture. Embrace the earthy look with wood, stone, and both warm and cool neutral shades.  

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Aleutian – HGTV Home

Last but not least, is the one true blue on our list of trends.  Aleutian is a grey-toned, relaxed shade of denim blue. This hue is calming without looking boring. If you want something with saturation that will still look sleek, Aleutian is the way to go. Use velvet textiles to make this color look super chic. Make sure your space is well-lit, and add ivory and off-white tones for a seaside-inspired interior.

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More Interior Paint Color Trends

Get ahead of the trends with a cool, calming interior. Our décor inspiration blog is full of color trends for 2022. Discover your favorite shade for an interior makeover, and watch your home transform before your very eyes. A new color palette will instantly elevate your space. Wow your guests with a color scheme that looks both modern and timeless. From Breezeway green to Aleutian blue, you can’t go wrong with cool.

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