Rose gold is one of the hottest colors for 2022. Regular silver and gold tones are giving way to more nuanced metallics like rose gold, copper, and nickel. These metallic hues with a hint of color are perfect for brightening your bedroom. Explore the top trending ways to add a touch of rose gold to your sleeping space. Our design experts have put together the ultimate guide for homeowners (or renters!) looking to create a rosy, romantic space. Whether you want to spruce up your master bedroom, or your guest room, give your home a pink-gold glow. Get to know top rose gold bedroom decor ideas for 2022! 

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Rose Gold Bedroom Color Schemes

If you’re not quite ready to say goodbye to cold-colored neutrals, don’t fret! While 2022 may be moving away from predominantly cool-toned metallics, that doesn’t mean you can’t create a sleek combination of both. Gray and silver pair perfectly with shimmering rose gold, and the rosy hues will give your cool space an updated look. Mixing warm and cool colors in your bedroom creates the perfect balance between calming and comforting. Dusty rose colors are still sophisticated enough to complement gray, while adding a splash of vibrancy to your room. Give your bedroom a stunningly contemporary look with a gray accent wall and a modern rose gold print. Rosy textiles are perfect for a luxe sleeping space.

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White Wall Décor

If you’re looking for a third color to add to the predominantly neutral mix, brighten up your bedroom with white. Ivory, off-white, or true white wall décor will prevent your space from looking dark and uninviting. While your bedroom is a personal space, you want it to maintain the welcoming feel that permeates your entire interior. Plus, white will go with anything, making it the perfect color to add if you’re still building your space.

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Bohemian Style Rose Gold Decor

Rose gold can also lean bohemian if you’re craving a more laid-back style. The muted color palette and coppery undertones are reminiscent of soft blossoms and sunsets. Pick rose gold lamps and hardware for an understated, modern addition. Add vases full of dried flowers on both sides of your bed for a relaxed splash of style. Consider mismatched side tables to elevate the bohemian look.

Modern Décor Tips

Looking for a bohemian touch that’s on-trend for 2022? Try one of our Mandala canvas prints, curated by our design expert, Tirzah Goodman. These pieces of wall art celebrate spirituality and inner harmony. If you want to add both style and positive energy to your space, you can’t beat a bohemian Mandala print.

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Romantic Rose Gold Bedroom Ideas

It wouldn’t be a thorough article on rose gold if we didn’t mention the iconic romantic aesthetic. Ideal for a soft sleeping space, colors like baby pink and gold are delicate and dreamy. Drift off peacefully with billowy, peachy textiles. Keep your décor sparse and intentional, but don’t be afraid to incorporate a few statement pieces. Rose gold is the perfect shade to add a hint of shine. Hang a piece of wall art that combines both pastel pink and shimmering gold to tie your room together and add a finishing touch. Focus on super-cozy blankets and pillows for a sanctuary-like sleeping space.

Rose-Colored Glasses

Follow this expert tip from our article on peppering rose gold throughout your home for a botanical take on the rosy trend:

“Why not decorate with actual roses? Choose a piece of wall art that incorporates a photorealistic print of pink roses. Add rose gold accessories on a nearby surface or shelving unit, and finish the look with mauve textiles. Florals are a great way to combine modern décor with traditional décor. Place a rose gold vase with roses for an extra touch.”

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Moody Rose Gold Bedroom Décor

If you want to stray away from the delicate, romantic look, you can still incorporate rose gold into your bedroom! For a more grown-up, refined look, consider a darker take on rosy tones. A moody, rose gold bedroom is super-hot for 2022, and it’s easy to see why. Peach, taupe, and dusty rose are the perfect mature color combination. Go for a raised bed with a velvet, tufted headboard for a look that’s luxurious without looking gaudy. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns as long as you maintain a predominantly neutral color scheme. Natural wood is the perfect way to tone down the pink accents for a more organic appearance. Finish your bedroom with a piece of wall art in muted, rose gold hues.

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Trending Rose Gold Wall Art

Speaking of wall art, canvas prints are the perfect, modern way to add rose gold without overwhelming your space. There are several options for where to hang a statement piece in your bedroom, depending on the look you want to achieve. The classic placement is above your headboard for a traditional feel. If you want a more unconventional appearance, hang your rose gold wall art on the blank wall adjacent to your bed. Choose a trendy print with a contemporary design like “Marbling” for a 2022 twist.

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More Metallic Art & Décor ideas

If you’ve fallen in love with rose gold details and you’re craving more metallic décor ideas, we’ve got you covered! Check out our articles on unique metallic neutrals like shimmering khaki and trendy taupe. If you’re leaning more towards the rose side of rose gold, our design pros have put together a guide to adding pink to your interior in a modern way. Visit our inspiration blog for our complete collection of expert articles. Happy decorating!

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