Khaki is a color that lies somewhere in between green and gold. A slightly warmer version of olive, khaki is one of the hottest new colors for 2022. The perfect balance between classic and contemporary, give your home a natural pop of color. Khaki transcends seasons, and it’s perfect for warming up your space while sticking to a trendy, cool color palette. Perfectly earthy with a pop of glam, khaki can almost be described as a warm-toned, cool tone. Accessorize with organic, modern details for a chic and cohesive look. Follow our expert tips to choose the best khaki wall art and décor. Let’s get started!

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Gold Leaf Glam

Monochromatic Moment

Earthy and Sophisticated

Vetiver and Velvet

Serene & Symmetrical

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Gold Leaf Glam

Start with a khaki-toned piece of furniture. Then, get inspired by gold-dipped leaves and greenery. Because khaki is a mix of green and gold, you can pull both of the sleek shades and use them separately throughout your space. This will highlight both the green and gold undertones in the khaki furniture/décor.

Black and White Details

Black and white are the perfect addition to a khaki-tinted space. These two classic neutrals will keep your space looking modern, and matte black metallics are ultra-popular for 2022. A white base is the perfect clean slate to add gold and green details without overwhelming your interior. A minimalist space will keep the focus on your trendy tones.

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earthy green wall art

Monochromatic Moment

Just because you’re using khaki as a pop of color, doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate other shades of green. In fact, monochromatic spaces are slated to make a massive comeback next year. Make a statement with a green accent wall, and accessorize with gold accents. Your khaki furniture and décor will still remain the star of your space as long as you choose cooler green shades for contrast. 2022 is all about taking chances and being bold with your interior choices.

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gold and green wall art

Earthy and Sophisticated

Even though green is technically a cool color, khaki has enough warmth to warrant a cool neutral base. While designers are slowly moving away from all-gray interiors, that doesn’t mean you have to stray from gray and taupe all together. Try placing unpolished, gray furniture next to organic textiles like wool and wicker. Matte metallic tones are the perfect finishing touch for a perfectly imperfect aesthetic. The classy color palette will make your space look sophisticated, while the carefree feel will enhance the earthiness of the khaki.

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khaki green wall art

Vetiver and Velvet

Khaki has an almost herbaceous appearance. The muted, green color goes with live greenery like a match made in design heaven. There’s nothing richer than velvet in a golden, khaki tone. This antique look is ideal if you want to make your space look rare and refined. Hang a piece of wall art with a gold backdrop, and make sure your room is well-lit to show off your sparkling décor. Be intentional with your surrounding accessories as to not pull attention from the khaki colors in the center of your space.

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gold wall art

Serene & Symmetrical

Khaki tones and symmetrical spaces work seamlessly to create an earthy, balanced look. From lighting to seating, make sure your space is well-proportioned. Hang a piece of wall art in the center of your space, with khaki, nature-inspired shades. Surround your artwork anchor with furniture and accessories in khaki colors. Wood is the perfect finishing touch for a Scandinavian-inspired space that still looks unique and refreshing.

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nature green wall art

Khaki is just one of the top trending shades for 2022. While greens have taken the lead in recurring décor predictions, there are plenty of other accent hues to choose from. Check out our inspiration blog for more trending tones. We’ve compiled several collections of designer tips and tricks for getting your home ready for the new year.

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