Looking for the next big thing in bedroom design? Our experts have predicted a certain metallic hue as one of the top trends for summer 2022! While silver finishes in kitchens and bathrooms may be making their way out, cool-toned metallics aren’t gone for good! You can incorporate silver in more ways than one. We’ve rounded up several silver décor ideas you haven’t seen before. Give your bedroom a contemporary boost with unexpected pops of silver. Whether you’re renovating a guest bedroom, or curating your master suite, you can’t go wrong with a shimmering touch. From wall art to subtle accessories, silver is the perfect way to elevate your bedroom.

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Silver Home Décor: A Summary

Glamorous Silver Bedroom Décor

Classy Grey & Silver Bedroom Décor

Modern Silver Bedroom Décor

Silver Wall Art for Bedrooms

More Silver Decorating Ideas

Silver Home Décor: A Summary

While silver has been traded for gold and bronze in the last few years, it’s starting to make a comeback. It’s important to get ahead of trends before they’re gone, and adding silver is undoubtedly on its way back into the spotlight. Most notably, mixing metals is the new sought-after style. Keep your gilded side tables and other warm-toned accessories, but add a splash of silver to change things up! Pair this duo-chrome look with both warm and cool textiles to emphasize balance and contrast. Mix colors like beige with grey and blush with teal. Hang a piece of modern silver artwork above your bed for an almost-futuristic look. When looking for ways to change your space without breaking the bank, don’t forget the power of an accent wall! You can even brush shimmering silver paint over your existing paint job for an edgy, eye-catching look.

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Glamorous Silver Bedroom Décor

Adding a metallic hint to your home will instantly up the glamour factor. While you might think gilded details radiate luxury, silver has a much more sophisticated undertone. This understated (albeit striking) shade is ideal if you’re looking to capture true elegance. Silver light fixtures are the perfect way to give your bedroom a glamorous look. You can also opt for a subtle touch of silver through candleholders, coasters, or vases. Consider adding flecks of silver throughout your sleeping space for a sparkling, lavish appearance. Go with a statement-making headboard and a raised bed to complete the glamorous feel.

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Grey and Pink Bedroom Ideas

The benefit of silver is that it can practically go with any existing color scheme. However, there are a few trending color combos to try if you’re searching for tonal inspiration. One of our top picks is pink and grey! Silver is simply a shinier version of grey, which means it will look perfect with any grey décor. Adding pink will soften the look of your space, so it doesn’t start leaning industrial. Plus, the grey and silver details will keep your pink pieces looking sophisticated and mature. Explore muted shades of pink like dusty rose and mauve. These are ideal for a master bedroom. Accessorize with fresh flowers for another delicate touch to contrast the grey and silver elements peppered throughout your sleeping space.

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Classy Grey & Silver Bedroom Décor

You can’t beat minimalism. This simply chic style is the aesthetic that will always look good. Mixing warm and cool neutrals will elevate your silver-tinted space in an organic way. Focus on adding textures for a dynamic look that won’t overwhelm your bedroom. Try piling throw and pillows in classy fabrics like velvet, cashmere, satin, and organic cotton. If you want to keep your space primarily devoid of color, texture is an ideal way to prevent your bedroom from feeling flat. Silver accessories can also add visual interest without pulling focus from the natural elements in your space. For a finishing touch, live greenery will maintain the organic feel and break up your bedroom in the best way.  

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Modern Silver Bedroom Décor

For a truly modern look, be bold with a monochromatic room. While balance tends to be a key rule in the world of décor, some rules can be broken for the sake of contemporary design! You can also go the complete opposite direction and opt for a colorless completely neutral space. Reserved for the most daring designers, a space built around a single shade (or single set of shades) will make a strong visual impact without the need for color. Silver and gold are excellent tones for a monochromatic interior. They will prevent your bedroom from looking flat and dull, while keeping a current, avant-garde feel.

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Silver Wall Art for Bedrooms

If you want to experiment with silver but you’re not sure where to start, try a piece of silver-shaded wall art! While artwork might not actually have the signature silver shine, it can still add a shimmering silver illusion to your space. Choose an oversized piece of silver wall art for maximum impact with minimal effort. If you want an ultra-contemporary look, go with an unframed, multi-panel piece of artwork. For a more traditional take, go with a classic framed print. No matter which style you choose, silver should be the predominant color in your print.

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More Silver Decorating Ideas

Your bedroom isn’t the only space that can benefit from shimmering flecks of silver décor. Learn how to elevate your living room with hints of silver ASAP. Explore silver framed wall art for any room in your home, or the top trending silver décor ideas for 2022. Our design inspiration blog is full of expert articles on modern metallic décor. Give your home a brand-new look without breaking the bank with our professional home hacks! From silver wall art to a sophisticated color palette, take your design game to the next level. Interior decorating has never been easier!

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