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If you own a café, coffee shop, or local coffee bar, it’s time to up your decor game. In 2023, the appeal of a café is about the atmosphere even more so than the selection. With social media at the forefront of advertising, you want your space to be unforgettable and Instagrammable. Wall art is a super easy way to elevate the interior of your coffee shop without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for the perfect print to pair with your chosen aesthetic, we’ve got you! Our design experts have highlighted several pieces of wall art to boost your overall decor. These modern coffee bar decor ideas will take your business to the next level.

Modern, Neutral Coffee Bar Decor

Keep it sleek and sophisticated. For a modern print, we recommend a sepia-toned photorealistic print. With a very subtle vintage twist, this chic piece of wall art will show off your passion for coffee in an elegant and dynamic way. Choose a one-panel canvas print for a refined look. Hang your neutral-toned coffee print in any area that needs a visual upgrade. Pair this print with contemporary velvet furniture and organic accents of live greenery.

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best coffee shop wall art ideas

Trendy Coffee Bar Decoration Ideas

Looking for a playful, trendy addition to your coffee bar or café? Consider a pop-culture-inspired print. Our movies & television collection includes several stylish options for your business. One of our top picks is the Friends-inspired Central Perk print! If you want to capture the magic of this iconic sitcom in your own coffee shop, wall art is the perfect way to add a familiar touch. Encourage your patrons to bond like the six iconic friends. This print makes a great statement piece and even better conversation starter.

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trending wall art ideas for coffee shop

Hip & Funky Coffee Bar Wall Decor

If your goal is to create the next hip hotspot, go with an artsy print. Neon signage is all the rage, and we have several trendy typography prints with neon details. Use geometric shapes throughout your space for a creative appearance. Play with colors like teal and Pantone’s Color of the Year 2023, Viva Magenta. Hang an eye-catching print with a catchy phrase over your coffee bar. Wall decor is the perfect low-commitment to experiment with trends and styles. Dare to take risks with your decor! That’s what coffee bar wall decor is for.

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coffee shop wall decor ideas

Minimalist Decorations for Coffee Bars

You can never go wrong with minimalism. Sometimes simple is best! Minimalism always looks modern and put-together. For an easy way to add a sophisticated touch to your space, opt for a minimalist print. Try one of our trendy, symmetrical double-panel canvas prints for something slightly unconventional and contemporary. “Definition wall prints” are super-hot for 2023, making them an ideal minimalist decor option. If your goal is to create a fashionable space with an elegant feel, minimalism is effortlessly stylish. Plus, if you’re still in the process of curating your space, a minimalist print will allow you more freedom in exploring surrounding decor.

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top wall art ideas for coffee shop

Classic Wall Art Ideas for Shop Walls

You don’t need to go with a coffee-themed print for your café. For something more traditional, try a calming, abstract print. A painted landscape will provide the perfect pop of color without overwhelming your space. Choose a piece of wall art with both warm and cool tones for optimal balance. You don’t want your café to appear too thematic, as it should appeal to a wide variety of clientele. It’s important to find a niche but still appear welcoming to everyone. Classic landscapes are the perfect decorations for coffee bars in 2023. If you’re unsure about what furniture to pair with your new print, you can always trust organic materials like wood to look sleek and cozy.

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wall art idea for coffee shops

More Wall Art Ideas for Your Business

The decor ideas don’t stop here! For more coffee bar decoration ideas, contact us for personalized design advice. Our business-to-business team offer a wide range of professional services. We provide personal decor consultations to help you choose the best piece of wall art for your unique business. You can also visit our inspiration blog for more articles on current design trends. Stay up-to-date on the hottest decorations for coffee bars and beyond. Your business deserves to thrive, and the interior is a huge part of its success. Maximize the potential of your space with the right accessories. At ElephantStock, we want you to thrive. Give your clients more than coffee – give them an unforgettable experience! Good luck and please reach out with any questions.

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