Whether you have a natural eye for design, or you haven’t yet defined your home decor style - these inspiring decorating tips will help you create the perfect designer home. Even if you don’t have a professional interior designer on speed dial, we’ve put together exclusive tips from our resident décor experts. Learn how to choose the perfect piece of wall art to elevate your interior. Select a piece from one of our unique collections and discover how to flawlessly incorporate your print into different settings!

Here are four ways to decorate with our wall art - with love from professional interior designers!

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Top Trending Wall Art

Bold Botanical Wall Art

Golden Luxury Wall Art

Minimalist Elegant Wall Art

More Designer Wall Art Tips

We offer several trending wall art collections, curated by our art director, Tirzah Goodman. 2022 is all about taking risks and mixing unexpected trends. Geometric shapes, multi-panel canvases, and vibrant colors are all the rage this year. Dare to be bold with vivid shades and striking patterns. Even if you have a predominantly minimalist, modern interior, a pop of wall art can add much-needed visual dimension.

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Designer Wall Art Tips

ElephantStock's interior design expert Elimar Lobo Sáenz shares her tips choosing a trendy piece of artwork:

“Nothing can elevate a space quite like abstract art. Abstract-style artwork is representative of freedom and creativity. It also has the ability to complement a wide range of interiors. Consider breaking common design rules by combining both contemporary and classic trends. For example, geometric shapes and lines radiate modernism, whereas floral prints are more traditional. Find a print [like the Geometric Hibiscus Flower art] that includes both of these striking styles.”

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Bold Botanical Wall Art

Our second tip comes from interior designer and owner of Yoko Chow Design LLC:

"ElephantStock has a wide range of wall art options, which can make it difficult to settle on just one. However, a stand-out piece is the ‘Green Spiral Aloe’ print. Choose a multi-panel version of this canvas, and hang it in a highly visible area like your foyer or living space. Add texture and color to your space, while simultaneously creating a sense of unification and cohesion. When it comes to color and style, choose a piece of artwork that represents nature for an organic touch. The Spiral Aloe print mimics the look of an indoor plant, and it matches a wide range of interior décor. Personally, I would recommend a boho, minimalist style to match this refreshing piece of art. Focus on light and bright earthy colors for a consistent look.

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Golden Luxury Wall Art

Denise Hopkins, Architect and Owner of Living Design, shares her favorite piece of wall art from ElephantStock:

Metallic tones…timeless or trendy? In this case, they are both! A bold, abstract print with a gold base creates depth and adds a splash of personality. Hang the ‘Gold Abstract Wall Art’ print in your front entry for a hint of sophisticated style. Imagine the luxurious feel of this sparkling piece in a formal space like a dining room. Soft and dramatic, vibrant and subtle, the gold abstract canvas print bridges a variety of eclectic styles. Take a neutral, monochromatic palette to the next level with a pinch of shimmering gold. Warm up a cool color scheme with

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Minimalist Elegant Wall Art

Caitlyn Davidian, Owner & Interior Designer at Studio C Interiors, explains her top pick for modern homes:

“The minimalistBallerinas Wall Art’ print would look perfect on a living room wall, paired with other contemporary prints. Create a gallery wall or a creative collage with matching figure line drawings and clean, neutral frames in black and white. Sticking to simple designs and neutral colors will let every piece shine individually and not overpower one another.”

What about complementary furniture and décor? Davidian expands:

"As far as furniture goes, pairing this print with neutral or white sofas and chairs will streamline the look and create a cohesive theme. Jute or natural fiber rugs would pair great with the browns and whites in the painting, you could also pair it with a black and white striped rug that would be anchored by the black lines in the painting as well."

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More Designer Wall Art Tips

Choose a trending print based on these expert tips and tricks. Create an interior you’re proud of in 2022, and welcome guests into your stylish space. The best thing about these pieces of artwork is that they're super versatile! You can rock them with almost any style and color-palette, making them a great choice for any space. Loved these pieces? Which canvas print would you hang in your home? Visit our inspiration blog for more professional advice and wall art ideas.

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