Take cottagecore to lighter, brighter heights with sunset-inspired color palettes. Our new collection of nature prints is all about embracing warmth and vibrant hues. When we imagine woodland-inspired wall art, we think of cool tones like forest green or mountain blue. However, our new catalog is focused on blending the great outdoors with warm, sun-soaked tones. These prints are bold, bright, and full of life. If you’re looking for a way to elevate your space with a striking piece of wall art, follow our expert guide. We’ve outlined the trendiest ways to incorporate our new collection into your modern space.

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Golden, Glowing Dreams

Bright, Blushing Décor

A Balanced Bedroom

Contemporary Citrus Colors

A Modern Pop of Warmth

Nature Meets Whimsy

Golden, Glowing Dreams

Highlight the beauty of golden hour with a multi-panel print that showcases a stunning sunset. Imagine lying down in a grassy clearing with the tangerine sun beating on your face. Sunset is arguably the most magical time of the day, so why not immortalize this tranquil period? Feel energized and at peace with a warm, flora-inspired print. Plus, these canvas prints will look appropriate in any season, so you can keep them up all year long. Choose a piece of bold orange furniture to bring out the yellow-orange tones in your work of art.  

Mixing Minimalism with Color

Even if you’re crafting a modern, minimalist interior, don’t be afraid to add color to your space! These pieces of wall art are the perfect way to create visual dimension while still maintaining a contemporary look. Create a neutral-based color palette with ivory and beige tones, and keep your pops of color intentional and cohesive.

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sunset nature wall art

Bright, Blushing Décor

If your goal is to create a delicate, welcoming space, explore trendy blush and mauve tones. Choose a piece of art that includes lavender, lilac, and rose colors for a gentle, cozy look. Pull colors from your print and pepper them around your space, like blush pink and grass green. While this look is feminine, it’s not overly flowery. You can build an organic space with pinks and purples.

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sunrise nature wall art

A Balanced Bedroom

Even though we’re focused on bringing warmth into your space for 2022, this year’s trends are all about balance. That means incorporating an equal amount of both warm and cool tones. A nature-themed print will add a calming touch to your sleeping space. Pick a print that has both organic, cool colors and warm, sunny shades. Choose textiles in trending colors like navy blue and golden yellow.

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magical nature wall art

Contemporary Citrus Colors

Even though we’re moving into winter, that doesn’t mean you have to ditch bright, warm shades. Citrus-inspired hues will always be in style, and they’re a great way to liven up your fall/winter interior. If you really want to make a statement, we have the perfect solution for fearless designers. Paint a portion of an accent wall in the citrus-themed tone you want to highlight in your print. This will create a stylish, monochromatic look that will wow your guests.

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warm sunny nature wall art

A Modern Pop of Warmth

As we mentioned before, a modernist interior is totally achievable with our glowing nature collection. Apply the theory of “Hygge” and focus on quality over quality, and comfort over appearance. Functionality is an essential component to the minimalist look. Luckily, wall art is a great way to add some character to your space without creating clutter. Experiment with natural materials like leather and wood to complement your organic print. Mix warm and cool neutral colors for a sophisticated, welcoming space.

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sunset style wall art

Nature Meets Whimsy

Not only is our latest collection eye-catching, but it also radiates positive energy. Put a smile on your face every time you walk in your front door. Our whimsical, nature-based collection is full of magic and panache. For more luminous décor ideas, visit our inspiration blog. We keep you up to date on the latest design trends, and all of our articles are filled with expert tips and tricks. Good luck!

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