Your Guide to At-Home Hollywood Glamour

It's never too late to transform your space with a touch of glitz. Hollywood glamour is a timeless décor theme, and it takes us back to a bygone era of opulence and starlets.

Whether you choose to go with chic neutrals or lustrous metallic tones, the goal is to achieve a sumptuous yet sophisticated style. There are plenty of easy ways to incorporate a touch of Hollywood glamour in your home, including movie-inspired wall art and statement décor pieces. This guide was made for those who've always dreamt about living during the golden age of film. If that sounds like you, read on!

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Old Hollywood Glamour Decor

Classic Colors

Big, Bold Patterns

Indulge in Texture

All That Glitters is Gold

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Décor That Makes a Statement

Movie Room Wall Décor

Hollywood Glam Décor Ideas

Old Hollywood Glamour Décor

Located in sunny SoCal, a Hollywood-inspired interior should incorporate easy, breezy California style. Beachy details will pair beautifully with a filmic print. A white or ivory base will look effortlessly Californian, and appear reminiscent of the iconic bungalow style. Comfy details will create the signature laid-back look.

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Vintage Décor Ideas

Borrow from the Hollywood regency era and focus on blending comfort with style. Cozy, luxurious textiles can be paired with metallic, ornate details for a traditional look. If you’re still in the process of curating your vintage-inspired interior, choose a piece of wall art that looks classic and can blend with a wide variety of color palettes. A colorless print with a minimalist theme is perfect for any Hollywood-style space, as long as the subject is reminiscent of the City of Angels.

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hollywood canvas wall art

Classic Colors

Sticking to classic colors is key. Shades of soft neutrals like white, grey, nude, and tan serve as a perfect foundation for the rest of your interior. Don’t be afraid to add bold-colored details in hues like navy blue and burgundy red. Ditch the modern silver accents for a more traditional gold. As long as you stay away from gaudy colors and commit to sophistication, your space will look ultra-glamorous. Layering monochromatic tones will give you the freedom to add some dramatic flair.

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Hollywood Sign Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Big, Bold Patterns

Speaking of dramatic flair, a chic way to add some visual dimension is by committing to bold patterns. Art deco-inspired rugs are geometric while still looking classy. You can also choose curtains that have a vintage pattern for a retro touch. If you’re looking for a simple piece of wall art to complement your boldly patterned details, this print from our artist Sean Salvadori's collection is equal parts daring and understated:

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Lady On Orange Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Indulge in Texture

If there’s one thing Hollywood loves, it’s texture. From velvet to chenille, and silk to satin, it’s all about mixing and matching luxurious fabrics. While silk makes the best choice for bedding, faux-fur furniture pieces make great accessories. Faux-fur can also be used for pillows or a fabulously fluffy rug!

Wall art can have texture too! Check out this fashion-forward piece that gives the illusion of three-dimensions:

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Fashion Pop Of Red Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

All That Glitters is Gold

Even if your home revolves around neutrals, you can still add some tasteful shimmer and shine. From light fixtures to luxurious lamps, look for reflective gold hardware. Crystal-style knobs are also a great way to introduce a bit of sparkle without going overboard.

Gold candlesticks and gilded vases are easy-to-find accessories that can make all the difference in the overall appearance of your interior. The idea is to make your space look positively divine (even if the gold is really gold-plated!)

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Golden Abstract Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Mirror Magic

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the power of an ornate mirror. With gold frames and baroque details, floor length mirrors can make a room pop. Besides hanging a physical mirror, you can also look for mirrored furniture such as coffee tables and vanities.

Wherever you choose to add a mirror, make sure your jewel-toned accents are on full display so that they can be reflected on the surface of the mirror. This will amplify the designer details and prevent your space from looking too dull.

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Furry Fashion Friends I Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Décor That Makes a Statement

Even though we emphasized the importance of subtlety in a glamorous interior, it is Hollywood after all! If you’re searching for a piece that exemplifies the appeal of the entertainment industry, consider installing a sparkling chandelier. From the Millennium Biltmore to the Beverly Hills Hotel, chandeliers are a part of Hollywood’s legacy.

For something fashion-forward to balance your traditional chandelier, we suggest this stylish print as the perfect movie wall art.

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Forever Fashion I Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Movie Room Wall Décor

If you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated movie room, don’t forget about decorating the walls! You want to set the scene for late night binging, and give your home theater wall decor a good old Hollywood face lift. Searching for the ideal theater room wall décor? Choose a piece that highlights the beauty of California and the famous film industry. Our favorite movie canvas art is this tribute to the Golden State:

Black and White Hollywood Prints

You can also hang classic black and white photos of golden age starlets and bona fide Hollywood history. The summary is, you can easily command Hollywood-level attention with the perfect wall décor.

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Hollywood Life Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Hollywood Glam Décor Ideas

Even if you choose to implement just one of our tips and tricks, your home will benefit from a touch of Hollywood glamour. Wow house guests with your commitment to cinema through stylish and sophisticated design choices. Don’t just drool over Hollywood interiors on the other side of your screen, be bold and bring them to life!

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