White walls may be classic, but they aren’t the only option when it comes to painting your interior. It’s time to go beyond tradition and explore the rainbow of possibilities. Whether you want a neutral alternative to white, or you’re looking for something bright and bold, these are our top picks for wall colors in 2021. Discover the perfect shade for your interior that suits your personal aesthetic. No matter if you’re looking for a warm or cool color palette, we’ve made a list of six stunning shades and wall art to match.

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Strong White Paint Alternatives

Sage Shades

Beige Colors

Baby Blue Hues

Peach Tones

Modern Gray

Bold Black

Wall Paint Ideas

Strong White Paint Alternatives

The key to finding the perfect white paint alternative is considering what you want your interior to say. If you want to brighten up your space and add a lively touch, go with a light, warm tone. For a more tranquil and calming look, go with a cool shade. You also need to decide whether you want a modern or traditional space. While colored walls will automatically give your space a more contemporary appearance, there are some hues that are more modern than others. Trending shades include: blue-greens, taupes, and darker tones. More classic colors are peach, true blue, and mauve.

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white paint color alternatives

Sage Shades

For a cool-colored option, sage is soft but slightly brighter than a traditional neutral. This color of green has a hint of blue which gives it an extra-calming effect. Searching for cool-toned accent wall ideas? Paint an accent wall in sage to add some dimension to your space, or cover your entire interior in this earthy tone. Ultra-hot for 2022, get ahead of the style trends by painting your walls in this stunning shade.

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Bedroom Color Ideas

This shade is subtle enough to be used liberally without overwhelming your home. Ideal for bedrooms and living spaces, sage green is hailed for its versatility and power to promote a comfortable atmosphere. Creating a calming, relaxing sleeping space with sage. Wind down in a room that feels soft and serene. Sage is the perfect color for promoting a meditative state, and starting your day on the right foot!

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Wall paint color ideas

Beige Colors

Starting with another classic neutral, beige is a tried-and-true alternative to stark white. This shade will bring warmth to your space without distracting from your décor. Experiment with tones that range from vanilla to sandy brown. Balance the wash of beige with cool-toned wall art in blue and green hues. Use this opportunity to play with natural woods to create an organic overall color palette.

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Hydrangea Field Neutral Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Baby Blue Hues

Slightly retro but still effortlessly chic, baby blue will give your home a splash of character. Easily blendable, baby blue has been a popular wall color for centuries. The benefit of baby blue is that it can match practically any existing décor. Reminiscent of a summer lake, this shade is cheerful and soft at the same time. Baby blue is also ideal if you’re looking for charming (albeit understated) kitchen paint colors. Pair baby blue walls with a painting that includes both warm and cool tones. Add white details to contrast the blue while maintaining a light and bright appearance.

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Sakura Branches Watercolor Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Peach Tones

A pop of peach will instantly delight your guests. Not quite orange and not quite pink, this vintage-inspired shade is coming back in a big way. To avoid a space that looks dated, be bold with a vibrant shade of peach rather than a muted version. Make your home feel like summer all year long by implementing vivid peach accent wall ideas. Plus, peach is the perfect complement to modern gray details.

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Wall paint color ideas

Modern Gray

Speaking of gray, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention this contemporary color. Gray is a popular alternative to white, but there are several ways to update this modern trend. First, try adding texture! A textured gray wall is both current and creative. Second, dare to go darker! Rather than a light grayish-white, go with a medium/dark shade of gray to spice things up. Gray can also work as an unexpected contemporary kitchen color. Don’t forget to add a pop of vibrant color through your wall art!

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Pink Marble Veins Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Bold Black

Dare to go even DARKER with moody, black walls. Black walls may seem intimidating, but they are an excellent way to optimize style and panache. This year, designers are throwing the rulebook out the window and using dark shades in small spaces. This provocative trend makes furniture and wall art pop like nothing else. Keep the focus on your stunning décor with a bold black backdrop.

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Bed Of Pink Roses Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Wall Paint Ideas

Switch it up this season and paint over your traditional white walls. Whether you choose to go for soft sage or bold black walls, you won’t regret straying away from the status quo. Wall paint can change the entire look of your interior in the blink of an eye. Plus, if you don’t like it, you can easily give a different trendy color a try!

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