7 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Modern Art

Modern art is the cherry on top of any stylish interior. No contemporary home is complete without a striking work of art. There are endless options when it comes to incorporating modern prints. Learn how to elevate your interior in the blink of an eye with stunning modern wall art. From bold, oversized images to minimalist décor, we’ve broken down the top seven ways to add modern art to your existing interior.

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Modern Wall Art: Top Trends

(Mid-century) Modern Wall Art

The Power of the Abstract

A Minimalist Focus

Go Ahead and Double Up

Contemporary Contrast

Monochromatic Magic

Modern Wall Décor

Modern Wall Art: Top Trends

Modern art is all about making bold choices. Even if you have a predominantly traditional home, you can still add an edgy touch. There are several ways to give your space a contemporary twist. First, explore metallic tones. Don’t be afraid to mix both warm and cool metallic hues. Blending sharp angles with soft, curved furniture will create a dynamic look.  You can also combine natural elements like wood and greenery with more industrial furniture for an unexpected feel.

Expert Wall Art Picks

For the ultimate edgy addition to your space, our experts have picked the perfect solution. Banksy-inspired wall art is trending this year. Street art is modern, edgy, and makes a major statement. Banksy’s artwork will also act as the perfect conversation starter, due to his bold social commentary. Any graffiti-style artwork will instantly give your interior a more modern look.

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(Mid-century) Modern Wall Art

While the Mid-century modern style isn’t technically modern, it has made a massive comeback in recent years. Plus, there are several techniques to take Mid-century modern style into this century. Another one of our top trending collections for 2024 is our pop art catalog! Explore Warhol-inspired prints to brighten your space. Bright colors are in this year, and our pop art collection is the exemplification of vivid décor. Pepper the colors from your chosen print throughout your space. Choose a multi-panel version of a pop art print for an additional modern twist. As long as you keep your furniture minimal, you can have fun with color. Mid-century furniture will also never go out of style. Playful simplicity will always be trending!

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The Power of the Abstract

Nothing transforms the look of a living space quite like abstract art. Abstract art is freeing, and it complements a wide range of interiors. This loose, creative style of art will add a trendy touch without overpowering your home. It’s up to you to choose between a print with bright colors or muted neutrals. Make sure your piece is large enough to act as the focus of the room, and don’t be afraid to explore crazy conceptual designs.

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A Minimalist Focus

If you prefer a subtler approach, consider modern minimalism. Decorate with soft neutral shades like grey and beige, and complete the look with a blown-up line drawing. Minimalist line drawings make beautiful prints, and they add an instant touch of chic simplicity. Get inspired by Mid-century wall decor and make an impact through simplicity. Use natural wooden accents throughout your room, and keep it as light and bright as possible. For an understated pop of color, place a deep green houseplant on a floating shelf. 

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Go Ahead and Double Up

Gone are the days when you had to hang wall art in odd numbers. The hottest new trend is decorating in duos! Hang two parallel pieces of wall art next to each other. This quirky layout radiates modernism and innovation. Make your home stand out by hanging two complementary prints over a piece of statement furniture. This look is for the homeowner who marches to the beat of their own drum.

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Contemporary Contrast

There are plenty of ways to play with contrast when it comes to modern art. The first way is to use color! Contrast a neutral interior with an unapologetically bright print. If your home is decorated in tones like grey, ivory, and tan, it’s time to give it a playful splash of character! Go big AND go home with an ultra-vibrant print. You can also incorporate the contrasting trend by using a piece of modern art in a traditional interior. Don’t be afraid to mix and match decor styles, and add a contemporary print to your classic home.

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Monochromatic Magic

If you’re not the biggest fan of contrast, opt for a more monochromatic interior.  Use a single color throughout your space, and make sure it is present in every piece of décor. Hang a pic of modern wall art that highlights your color of choice, and surround it with decor in a similar shade. Looking for color palette ideas for your monochromatic interior? Some of 2024’s top color trends include sunny yellow, vibrant magenta, and broody burgundy.

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Modern Wall Decor

A single piece of modern art can change the look of your entire room. If your space is feeling dull and dreary, add an eye-catching, colorful print! On the other hand, if you’re simply looking to accentuate your existing décor, look for a contemporary print that ties together your current color scheme. The beauty of an abstract print is that it allows you complete freedom when it comes to interior design. From minimalism to maximalism, there is no single way to decorate with modern art.

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