There’s nothing more stylish than a modern living room. Your communal space should look contemporary and on-trend at all times. This is the most visible space in your home, so attention to detail is imperative when curating your living room. We’ve put together the ultimate guide to creating a modern living space with a touch of personality. From trending wall art to affordable tips and tricks, wow your guests this season with a living room that pops.

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Modern Home Décor: A Summary

Mid-Century Modern Home Décor

Minimalist & Simple Modern Living Room Ideas

Monochromatic Modern Décor

Modern Wall Art Trends & Ideas

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Modern Home Décor: A Summary

Modernism is all about being selective with your décor. That means avoiding excessive clutter, and getting rid of items that break up the cohesion of your space. It’s all about quality over quantity. Choose accessories that feel luxurious, but keep them few and far between. Balance is crucial in a contemporary interior. Keep your furniture low to the ground, and start with a neutral color palette before you add splashes of color.

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Expert Tips

Our design expert, Elimar Lobo Sáenz, shares her advice on what to avoid if your goal is to create a modern look:

"There endless tips on what to do to achieve a modern appearance, but there are few pieces of advice on what NOT to do. When creating a modern living room, make sure to avoid the following faux-pas:

-Pieces that are impractical and solely for aesthetic value

-Pushing furniture too close to the wall rather than leaving enough room to breathe

-Making your television the primary focal point of the room

-Trying to incorporate too many trends in the same space

-Sacrificing your unique personality for style"

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modern home decor ideas

Mid-Century Modern Home Décor

While Mid-century modern is not technically from the modern era, it is having a massive comeback. Originating in the 1950s-1970s, some refer to the Mid-century period as the birth of true modernism. Low-profile silhouettes, functionality, and effortless ease are key components of this iconic style. For a concise summary of the Mid-century style, skim this excerpt from our guide to every major décor era:

“Fun, funky, but minimalist at heart -- it’s the ultra-popular Mid-century modern style. The Mid-century period took the low, simplistic furniture from the Art Deco period and gave it a less opulent, more minimalist twist. Incorporating both organic curves and cubic geometry, the defining characteristic of a Mid-century interior is its effortless ease. Bridging the gap between aesthetics and practicality, Mid-century design reimagined the world of design with its slightly space-age, futuristic feel.”

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modern contemporary home decor

Minimalist & Simple Modern Living Room Ideas

You can’t go wrong with minimalism. Any minimalist living room feels inherently modern, with very little effort. If you’re looking for a quick and efficient way to create a contemporary space, minimalism is your best friend. However, don’t sacrifice comfort for visual appeal. Make sure you have enough cozy seating for your guests, and accessorize with elements like wall art that will make your interior look homey without taking up too much space.

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modern home wall decor

Monochromatic Modern Décor

While you don’t want to stray away from color all together, monochromatic interiors are all the rage. Monochromatic, however, doesn’t mean your space has to be entirely one color. Simply pick a key color and build your space around that hue. For example, if you’re embracing the cool-toned trend, combine different shades of blue and green for a refreshing look. You can also go with a typical modern color like grey or beige, and select different neutral variations.

Black and White Wall Décor

Start with a black and white color palette for an effortless monochromatic look. Add hints of color for visual variation, but keep the majority of your space black and white for a super easy way to tie everything together.

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modern home decor ideas

Modern Wall Art Trends & Ideas

A super easy way to elevate your modern living room is by hanging a piece of trendy wall art. Our geometric wall sets collection was curated by Tirzah Goodman, and these prints are perfect for adding a contemporary splash to your space. Focus on a piece of abstract art that will complement a wide array of décor. Wall art is low-cost and low-commitment, which means you can’t go wrong with a statement canvas print.

Expert Tips

Professional decorator Elimar Lobo Sáenz seconds the power of abstract wall art:

“Nothing can elevate the look of a living room the same way that abstract art can. Abstract artwork represents freedom and creativity. Not to mention, it complements a wide range of contemporary interior styles. This unique category of wall art will add a trendy touch without taking over your living space. Decide between a subtle, neutral print, or a bold print with vivid colors. Make sure your wall art is big enough to grab onlookers’ attention, and don’t be afraid to play with zany, eclectic interior design ideas.”

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modern wall art

More Modern Decorating Topics

There are endless ways to make your living room look more modern. Choose furniture that is sleek and low-profile for a typical contemporary look. Select a cohesive color palette, but don’t limit your personal preferences. Include accessories that represent your unique taste, while still being selective about the overall composition of your space. Finally, don’t forget the power of wall art. For more contemporary artwork ideas, check out our article on modern wall art ideas for every interior. You can also explore 2022 trends through articles like this breakdown of next year’s hottest colors. For more current design inspiration, visit our expert blog for more tips, tricks, and creative concepts.

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