Get your disco on! The 1970s are coming back, with a contemporary twist. This unapologetic period of décor was all about gaudiness, excess, and having fun! In 2021, we’re straying away from interiors that take themselves too seriously, and we’re refocusing on the 70s motto of fabulous frivolity! This year is all about creating a space that makes you happy. Steal inspiration from 70s interior design, and decorate your home in striking shades and bold textures. From animal print wall art to rattan furniture, it’s time to boogie!

Go Crazy with Color

There was nothing subtle about the 70s. From Studio 54 to David Bowie, this iconic decade was all about being loud and proud. For an authentic color palette, combine both warm and cool shades. A typical 70s color scheme included orange, yellow, and teal. Always opt for warm woods like traditional oak. While brown was by far the most popular neutral back then, you can easily incorporate some modern greys. As long as the focus is on the brightly colored décor, you can include a few muted shades to create a 21st century balance.

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Wacky, Wild Prints

Animal prints may sound intimidating, but there are tons of ways to incorporate them tastefully! We are seeing a major resurgence in everything from zebra prints to leopard-like patterns. For example, a faux zebra skin rug is a quirky accessory that won’t overpower your space. If you’re looking for an even subtler solution, go with a leopard print pillow or throw. For a truly modern take on this wild trend, choose a piece of wall art that showcases a photorealistic animal print.

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Rattan & Macramé

You can’t discuss 70s without mentioning macramé. Macramé is a knotted textile used in retro decorating. While the 70s celebrated bright colors, it also favored organic textures. You can give your space a natural touch by including rattan furniture. This woven technique looks ultra-laid-back, and it never goes out of style. If you’re feeling really funky, opt for a classic 70s hanging chair in your living space.

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70s home decor

Va-Va-Voom Velvet

Velvet has been popular throughout several decades, and the 70s is no exception. This fabric looks luxurious without being overbearing, which makes it perfect for lush living room décor. Make a statement with a sleek velvet sofa, or go with warm velvet pillows to add some textural variety. Velvet automatically softens vibrant colors, so it’s a great way to add vivid tones without overwhelming your space. Hang a piece of wall art that ties in your new velvet hues.

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Funky & Floral

“Flower power” was a popular slogan used in the late 60s and early 70s to promoted peace, love, and happiness. With “flower power” came the rise of floral prints. Orange and yellow flowers were a popular print used in the 1970s for their instant ability to brighten any space. Add some cheer to your interior with funky floral prints that are reminiscent of the hippie period. If flowers aren’t your thing, any bold pattern will do. Cover a wall in bold wallpaper for an authentic 70s look.

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Retro Room Ideas

It may be the 21st century, but we’re still drooling over 70s decor. There are endless ways to tastefully incorporate trends from this iconic decade. From animal print to bright orange details, give a nod to the 1970s by adding a few quintessential design elements. Capture the carefree essence of 70s interior design, and spread some retro flair and groovy vibes.

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