Calling all Americana aficionados! If you love road trips, this décor trend is for you. Add a retro twist to your home by hanging one of our vintage poster-inspired prints. Celebrate classic USA road trips with our timeless collection of eye-catching wall art. Traveling may have been put on hold during the pandemic, but that’s all the more reason to celebrate your favorite spots for a highway getaway. Curated by our art director, Tirzah Goodman, this catalog is perfect for adding a classic touch to your space. Whether you’re inspired by the Great Plains, or the California coast, we have wall art for every US hotspot.

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Beyond Americana Home Decor Ideas

Coastal Dreamin’

Sit back, relax, and imagine the warm breeze of summer nights spent on the coast. This evocative poster will make you feel like you’re on vacation 24/7. There’s something inherently special about the golden coast. California has been a source of inspiration for artists and travelers for over a century. Full of sunshine and iconic surf spots, Cali is the most visited state in America for a reason. Hang a poster of one of California’s most iconic locales. The “Big Sur” print below is an excellent example of how a radiant retro scene can transform your room.

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A Mountain Moment

Elevate your home, literally! Choose a mountain-inspired print for a cooler look. Dream about luxurious lodges and pristine snow-capped peaks. Whether you’re a skiing fanatic, or you just love the fresh mountain aesthetic, an “Aspen” style poster is a chic option for any home. Pair this print with a grey or off-white background to complement the wintery theme. Keep your décor minimal and opt for an oversized piece of artwork. Use dark-toned woods to offset the light base.

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Big City Dreams

Embrace the hustle and bustle of the great American city with an East Coast-inspired poster. Pair this print with edgy décor for the ultimate classic-meets-contemporary look. There’s nowhere quite like New York City. Perhaps the most iconic metropolis in the US, the Big Apple is home to some of the trendiest neighborhoods in the country. From Harlem to Bushwick, this diverse city is undeniably cosmopolitan. Pair our “Brooklyn” poster with trendy Mid-century furniture and retro revival details. Choose a thick-framed print to make your artwork stand out.

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Tropical Trends

Hawaii is the tropical jewel of the USA. This Polynesian paradise is a colorful respite from reality. This island state has been a source of interior inspiration for decades. From the iconic Mid-century tiki style, to the current tropical Brutalism trend, you can’t go wrong with palm-infused décor. While it’s not a state you can reach by car, a retro Hawaii poster still radiates the same level of classic escapism. Accessories your space with bright colors like teal and tangerine, and finish the look with real tropical greenery.

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Wild Wild West

There’s nothing quite like the “Wild West.” Live your desert fantasy with a warm-toned poster of the American Southwest. This isn’t a mirage! You can achieve this warm, welcoming style in the blink of an eye. Hang our “Grand Canyon” print in your main living space, and stick to a Southwestern color palette. Steal inspiration from red rocks and bright blue skies. Decorate with natural materials like wicker, wood, and clay. Add potted succulents for a final touch.

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Beyond Americana Home Decor Ideas

If you have a specific state or hotspot in mind, browse our entire collection of nostalgic American prints. This selection of wall art is ideal for the homeowner with an adventurous spirit. Looking for more interior design inspo? Check out our ultra-trendy décor blog. We highlight the top trends in home décor, along with helpful expert tips.

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