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When we picture a Nordic style interior, we conjure up images of minimalism, simplicity, and functionality. All three key Scandinavian concepts are ideal to increase productivity. This makes Nordic design the perfect theme for a home office or workspace. With natural materials like leather, hemp, and wood, you can transform your office into a place you actually want to spend time. From sleek furnishings to Nordic wall art, there are plenty of ways to go “hygge” with your home.

Drawing inspiration from Northern Europe, the perfect Scandinavian workspace utilizes clean lines and an airy atmosphere. We compiled a convenient list of eight must-haves for Nordic and Scandinavian style offices.

Let’s dig in!

Metal Meets Wood

When it comes to Nordic style, wood is your best friend. Wooden chairs, tables, and other office furniture can be combined with metal accents for a modern twist on the classic concept. From copper light fixtures to brass sconces, look for metals with a touch of warmth to blend effortlessly with the natural wood.

Furniture isn’t the only way to incorporate wooden details. Look for wall art with a faux-wood texture for an ultra-organic look.


Nordic and Neutral

It’s no secret that Nordic interiors are famous for embracing a neutral color palette. Look for shades of white, grey, brown, and beige to give your office a clean and calming appearance. While you want to stick to natural tones on the walls, you can still add soft pops of color through furniture and décor.


From Floor to Ceiling

When redesigning your Nordic style office, don’t overlook your flooring! In Scandinavian home office design, floors should always be painted white or stained a lighter shade to create the appearance of a wide-open space. Hardwood floors are ideal, but a faux-wood laminate will also do the trick.

On the opposite end, the ceiling is a great space to add contemporary lighting. Paint your ceiling a bright white and hang a modern metal light fixture to illuminate your space. If you’re lucky enough to have vaulted ceilings, you can also use wood paneling for a Nordic cottage-chic look.

Warm Up with Textiles

Because of the colder weather in Northern Europe, warm-toned textiles are imperative for a welcoming interior all year long. One of the best Scandinavian home office ideas is to give your office a cozy feel with fluffy textures and soft fabrics. Look for rugs and throws in natural fabrics like wool and mohair. 


Cloudy Forest Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Simplicity is Key

The number one rule for Scandinavian designs for corporate offices? Keep it simple! Start with a clean base and add small geometric details to create visual interest. Create a single focal point by hanging a piece of wall art above your desk. Look for designs that are both simple and eye-catching.  


Keep it Clutter-Free

Speaking of your desk, keep your workspace well-organized! It’s difficult to maintain a minimalist interior when you’re working hard, but the reward is worth it. Find clever ways to clear your clutter by purchasing furniture with built-in storage. Install white cabinets without knobs that blend right into the wall. There’s nothing more visually appealing than a clean, sleek home office.

Light and Bright

Proper lighting plays an important role when it comes to crafting an inviting Nordic workplace. Because of the long winters in Scandinavia, the illusion of sunlight is imperative for a comfortable interior. Seek out lamps that mimic natural light, and use gauzy curtains that allow maximum light to stream in. 


Cotton Bouquet Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Green and Glowing

Houseplants are a key element of an authentic Nordic interior. Hang indoor planters on the walls to bring the outside in. You can also add potted leafy greens on top of your desk. Houseplants also work to purify the air and improve your focus while working!

If your home office isn’t suitable for live greenery, you can get the same visual effect with botanical wall art.


Forest Study I Crop Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Tips from a Pro

Yoko Chow, interior designer and owner of Yoko Chow Design LLC, stresses the importance of making your workplace feel comfortable and inspiring.

“Since the pandemic has forced many of us to stay at home, working from home has become the new normal and home offices have played an increasingly important role in our lives today. If you’re fortunate to have an office, the space can be more comfortable and personal than a traditional office that you share with colleagues.”

She shares her favorite décor and design concepts for the perfect Nordic workspace.

“Among the many Scandinavian pieces that are available at ElephantStock, my favorite for a home office is the ‘Warm Toned Illusion Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art.’ The warm, muted color is inviting and softens the room. Additionally, the geometric pattern emphasizes the structure of the space.”


Warm Toned Illusion Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Chow finishes by detailing the importance of proper placement and composition.

“Artwork should be placed in your line of sight to provide a break. It is up to individual taste, but I suggest you keep in mind that the room needs to be designed to improve or maintain work efficiency while limiting unnecessary distractions.”

Scandinavian Home Office Design Ideas

There are plenty of Scandinavian home office ideas for a pleasant and productive workspace. From Scandinavian design office furniture to cozy textiles, it’s important to create an airy illusion with limited space. Give your office of a foolproof makeover with elegant Nordic design trends. You won’t regret it!




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