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Whether you’re lucky enough to have a large living space, or you just want to separate your studio apartment, a room divider is a practical (and stylish!) design choice.  From adorning a partition with wall art, to creating a library wall, there are tons of creative ways to divide a room. Maximize your space and privacy at the same time!

We’ve put together nine clever room divider ideas to give your home a brand-new floor plan!

Bookworm Bliss

Show of your literary collection by using bookshelves to divide your space. It’s an excellent way to add some both storage and style. From Steinbeck to Fitzgerald, books can also act as great conversation starters for guests. If books aren’t your thing, you can also display your knick-knacks on shelving units. Place decorative elements like vases and antiques if you have any empty space.

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Room Divider Ideas

Part the Curtains

A highly versatile option, curtains are an easy and attractive way to separate a room. If you have a traditional interior, consider a heavy fabric like velvet or satin. For the more modern designer, look for a semi-sheer fabric or a lightweight drape with a pop of color. You can leave your curtain open or closed depending on your mood!

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Amanzi Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Perfect Patterns

Make your partition a work of art! Find a semi-transparent room divider made up of ornate shapes and patterns. From breeze block to rod iron, there are patterned partitions that suit every interior aesthetic. Why not add design and functionality at the same time?

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Room Divider Ideas

Slide on Over

Sliding doors are a classic room divider, and there’s a reason why they’re such a popular choice. A sliding partition give you the freedom to keep your room open, or not! If you want more privacy, simply close the partition. If you want to add more space for guests and entertaining, leave it open. You can never go wrong with a multifunctional interior.

Green and Clean

Plant walls are gaining increasing popularity among designers and homeowners. They are stunning to look at, and they act as natural air purifiers! Add a Scandinavian touch to your home with a pop of greenery. Build a plant wall in the center of your space, or utilize hanging plants that will create a curtain of leaves. Looking for wall art to match your natural partition? Check out our floral and botanical collection!

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Room Divider Ideas

Be Transparent

A glass or acrylic divider gives your home a modern look. A transparent partition prevents the space form looking small and closed off, while still giving the illusion of multiple rooms. This is the perfect option for a studio apartment or a smaller living space. An elevated contemporary vibe will only add value to your home. Choose a modern piece of artwork to tie in your chic new divider!

Between Two Screens

Purchasing a classic accordion screen is the easiest way to separate a space. Simply find a foldable screen and place it wherever you want more privacy. You can choose a classic bamboo or wood screen, or opt for an artistic, painted folding partition.

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Red Paris Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

An Artistic Illusion

Make your divider a work of art – literally! Create a floating partition by hanging a canvas on clear wiring. This type of divider won’t block light or completely close of your space, but still give the illusion of separation. Convert your home into an art gallery by hanging a piece of classic art.

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Wall Divider Ideas

There are endless room separator ideas to turn an open space into multiple makeshift rooms. Whether you want something totally opaque or a partition that allows light to stream through, there are dividers for every design visionary. From traditional to contemporary, play around with every partition possibility.  

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