Make Your Small Space Look Bigger

We all weave dreams of styling our home with a unique touch, but when you have a smaller space, you are bound to limitations. But, don’t worry! We have crafted some amazing home décor hacks for you to decorate your home in style and ultimately, make it appear more spacious!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s run through some ideas to give your small home a grand look!

Clear Out the Clutter

The foremost step to give your home more space is to get rid of all unnecessary items. Think minimalist. Your home will have a more expansive feel when it doesn’t look crowded.

De-cluttering is one of the simplest options to turn your small space into a larger abode. Donate gently used items to charity. Recycle that pile of old magazines. Clean out your closets. Get rid of things you never use, so you can store things that don’t need to sit out. With less stuff, your room will stay more organized and present a neat look. A tidy room appears open and gives the illusion of a bigger room!

Don’t let clutter overpower the depth of your room. For a smaller space, embrace simplicity with a minimalistic approach.

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Strategically Place Mirrors

Another easy trick to make your small space appear bigger is to hang mirrors around your home. Mirrors reflect natural light and make your room look spacious. 

Mirrors are a great decorative element! You don’t need to fill every wall with a mirror; choose selective spaces with function and décor in mind. Consider an entry area. It makes a typically small space feel bigger and allows you to give a quick look at yourself before heading out the door. Another recommended space is the dining area. It doubles up elements and gives the illusion of a bigger space. Similarly, you can incorporate a large mirror on a big blank wall for a classic touch.

In addition, mirrors can be used to set a mood in your room by reflecting focal points. With varied shapes and sizes, and endless styles of frames, mirrors are a versatile component in your home décor toolbox.

Small space decorating ideas

Multi-functional Furniture

Home décor is all about being smart, creative, and unique. We are in an era when designs can be engineered depending on the size and needs of the home. Making a small space look spacious is a challenge in itself, but with multifunctional furniture, your options increase dramatically!

Sofas with built-in storage will surprise you. Search for a chaise that opens up to hide bulky blankets and pillows. Some sofas even have a drawer under the seats. Look for coffee tables with small drawers to stash the remote controls and doors to enclose games and books. Nesting tables and folding chairs allow you to effortlessly accommodate guests on special occasions.

Instead of allowing dust to collect under your bed, try a bed with storage under the mattress. Give your home a unique perspective with multi-functional furniture. You can create more space by fully utilizing the space you have.

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Use Bright Shades

If you are renovating your home and want to make it look larger, then avoid dark colors. Bright shades illuminate your home and add a touch of serenity.

You can either go for a white and bright look or cream tone to lighten up your home. While elements of the room may be bold and beautiful, you can play with the light Scandinavian shades for your dominant colors.

Natural light will make a room appear more spacious, so keep this in mind when you choose window coverings. You can also incorporate natural scenery into your home with wall art. For instance, this Turquoise Sunset canvas wall art will add soothing brightness to your space.

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Indulge in Long Curtains

You will be pleasantly surprised to see the difference that floor-to-ceiling curtains can make by creating depth. The room will appear bigger and give an illusion to your guests. Play around with your windows and curtains to find the best way to give your room a bright, fresh, and spacious look.

This is one of the easiest and affordable tricks to give your room a larger and more sophisticated look.

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Complementing Accessories

Rather than have many small knick-knacks and accessories, consider a couple of large and more meaningful items. Less is more. Choose a classic and minimal approach to avoid an overstuffed look.

You can either place a large mirror or wooden cabinet in your room which ultimately gives rise to a larger room without crowding. An inspiring wall art piece can add depth while reflecting your own personal style.

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Wrapping Up 

The art of home décor is proven when you make your small space appear spacious. Use these smart tricks to create an illusion and give your home a smart, minimalist makeover. So, what are you waiting for - Go ahead and make your home look larger than life!







Annette Schmucker