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We live in a time where combining different decor styles and themes can totally work! You can mix & match almost anything, be it various color palettes or even different decades!

One decade that is totally back, well you guessed it, the '90s! If you remember, back then homes were filled with frills and pop colors styled by some antiques.

While we can’t go back to the '90s, we can surely bring it to our homes. Maybe, you can pay tribute to the biggest stars of the decade or bring back the pale wood. Whatever you choose, we hope it brings back sweet memories!  

Eddie Vedder wall art

This post is all about home décor trends from the '90s that are still shining.

So let’s move ahead and relive this gorgeous decade!

Pale Wooden Touch

Nowadays we see a dark wooden cabinet with smart storages and contrast flooring. But in the '90s, a light wooden shade was the primary focus for home décor. A room with pale wood flooring and matching furniture to it was a trend.

The soft shaded wooden flooring gives a bright look to the room. It makes the room look spacious. And if you pair it down with matching furniture and dark accessories, it’s like a cherry on the cake.

The trend of wooden flooring is back. People choose to furnish their cabinets and storages with the same pale shaded color as they choose for the flooring. It not only brightens the space but gives a warm feeling. A wooden touch, however, adds a natural charm to the room. You can accentuate the look with this Kurt Cobain Splash wall art

Kurt Cobain Splash wall art

Pastels are back!

Another style from the '90s that has returned is the use of pastel shades in home décor. While many of us go with bold and loud colors, it is good to know that pastel is the new bold. A room filled with pale green or peach shades makes it look cozy and comfortable.

A peach shaded wall with a darker tone of wall art gives a new angle to the room. Similarly, while the three walls of your room may be pale-shaded, the fourth wall can be dark-toned of the same pastel shade.

Pastel Room

With a pale green shade, you can experiment some red flowers which will boost the aura of the room. Pastel shades are trending for they bring in warmness and harmony in your home.

They set a pleasant mood and give you some great décor goals to experiment with. So what are you waiting for!

Rocking Black & White

Black and white always remind us of Chess. The '90s were filled with black and white checkered flooring. It not only looked elegant but gave an eclectic look to the room.

Fortunately, this trend is back!

The checkered flooring adds a royal touch to the room. It gives a modern look to the room with a classic blend of style.

A perfect black and white room would have checkered flooring along with white walls and thin fabricated curtains. With black furniture and lots of black accessories, the room will bloom with this royal combination.

Black and white home decor

All White and Bright!

White is the color of harmony and peace. A room full of white shade calms the mind. Imagine a room with white flooring and white furniture where a white curtain just nods with happiness.

We are sure just an image will give you a relaxed feeling. The '90s era introduced this white and bright look. Now when this style is back and tops the trend, you should give it a try for a warm look. 

White interior

While every essential element of your room holds the shade of white, you can style it with bold accessories. Everything white allows making room for the light to beam in. It makes the room look spacious and clutter-free. If you are an admirer of white shade, you can surely give this trend a try.

Amusing Wall Art

Wall art in the '90s was mostly about pop art. Remember all the posters that covered your walls?

For Hollywood lovers, this Mia Wallace Pulp Fiction Wall Art is a must-have piece!

Mia Wallace Pulp Fiction Wall Art

And, what about Pulp Fiction Jules canvas wall art?

Pulp Fiction Jules canvas wall art

Wrapping Up

We are sure, by now, you miss the '90s and are longing enough to give your home that fun look.

These styles of the '90s are back and you can experiment with them as much as you want! Happy decorating!



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