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Wake up every morning with a smile on your face. Your bedroom is all about celebrating what makes you unique. Unlike the communal rooms in your home, the comfort and opinion of houseguests does not need to be taken into consideration. Your bedroom should be your personal sanctuary and safe space. Fill your bedroom with décor that brings you joy. You don’t have to break the bank in order to elevate your sleeping space. Wall art is an easy and affordable way to add a splash of personality to your bedroom. Showcase your passions and hang a print that makes you feel happy. The simple addition of a personal touch can boost your mood and give you motivation to start your day. We’ve teamed up with design experts to put together a guide to help you discover your ideal piece of bedroom wall art. Read on for tips and tricks!

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Expert Bedroom Wall Décor Ideas

Top Trending Bedroom Wall Ideas

Your Room, Your Rules

A Subjective Style

Choosing a Color Scheme

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Selecting a Shape

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Expert Bedroom Wall Décor Ideas

Our art director, Tirzah Goodman, has curated the ultimate collection for pop-culture lovers. Are you a fan of the timeless sitcom Friends? Show off your love for Joey, Chandler, Ross, Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe! From Central Perk to Monica’s apartment, Friends is full of iconic interiors. Take the indie-chic inspiration from the iconic Friends set design and incorporate it into your bedroom. Plus, your sleeping space is the perfect area to add an homage to your favorite movies and TV shows! Because your bedroom is ultra-personal, it’s the ideal space to showcase the media you’re passionate about. Hang one of our Friends-style prints, or browse our entire pop culture collection. Pepper your bedroom with 90s-inspired shades like dusty rose, muted teal, and of course, Monica’s iconic deep purple! Hand your Friends print above your bed to put a smile on your face every time you wake up in the morning.

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Top Trending Bedroom Wall Ideas

Your bedroom is for dreaming, so why not channel your energy into creating a dreamy space? Surrealism is top trend for 2022, and it’s easy to see why. Blend reality with fantasy using a mystical, ethereal piece of wall art. Create an ultra-cozy sleeping space and then accessorize with surreal details. We’ve curated a collection of prints that celebrates surrealism and otherworldly scenery. From graphic art to abstract paintings, there are tons of options depending on your unique style goals. Choose a piece of wall art that has a dreamlike quality and a soft, neutral color palette. Accent colors like lavender and baby blue will add to the surreal space. The subject should be something slightly fantastical. Take inspiration from surrealist master, Salvador Dalí with your bedroom décor.

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Your Room, Your Rules

The best part about revamping your bedroom is that you don’t have to follow any design rules! If you fall in love with a trend, try it out! If you don’t care for the current styles, stay true to you! Bedroom décor is all about discovering what makes you feel fulfilled. Determine whether you feel most at home in a classic or contemporary space. Decide if you prefer vibrant colors or muted neutrals. Simply scroll through our collection of bedroom wall art, and save your favorite pieces with the click of a button. Don’t think too hard about what you want to convey with your wall art. Instead, mark the prints that jump out at you and go with your gut! Once you start taking note of what catches your eye, it will help you define your true style.

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A Subjective Style

If you’re not sure where to start your search, try browsing bedroom wall art by category. Start with trendy abstract styles, and see if anything contemporary jumps out at you. For an even more modern approach, experiment with minimalist prints. If you’re craving something more traditional and ornate, check out our classic art collection. For the laid-back designer, a shabby-chic print will make your bedroom look stylishly understated. If you are always looking to hop on the latest trend, our trending collection was made just for you. The best part of wall art? You can always change your mind! In fact, you can even change your art based on the season and your specific mood. Unlike major renovations, wall art is super easy to switch out. If you’re looking for a risk-free way to update your décor, bedroom wall art can’t be beat.

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Beyond Bedroom Wall Art: Pro Tips

Need a little style guidance? Tirzah Goodman, ElephantStock’s resident art director, suggests trending styles.

Summer greenery is a hot trend for summer, and it is ultra-versatile. This vibrant style can work with a variety of interiors, both classic and contemporary. If you’re simply looking for a way to brighten up your space, you can’t go wrong with palm-style prints.

Speaking of greenery, pair your new print with a live houseplant for a boost of positive energy. Our interior design expert Yoko Chow (of Yoko Chow LLC) shares her botanical tips:

“I always consider [the theory of] biophilia when designing a space. A number of studies have shown that indoor plants are effective at reducing stress, improving productivity, and even purifying polluted air. Introducing indoor plants and greenery into a room is an easy trick to try. The options are vast, and so are the benefits.”

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Choosing a Color Scheme

Which colors bring you joy? While the rest of your home may rely on current color schemes to avoid looking dated, you have much more freedom with your bedroom color palette. If you’ve always been a fan of warm tones like yellow and orange, let yourself experiment with these playful hues. For the homeowner who is cool, calm, and collected, opt for shades like teal, sage green, and lavender. If you’re looking for clever ways to mix neutrals and vibrant colors, check out our guide on how to marry the two contrasting color schemes.

Black and Blue Bedroom Wall Art

You can’t go wrong with classic. If bright colors feel too flashy, consider traditional tones like black and navy blue. Charcoal grey and cobalt look sophisticated and sleek. Shop bedroom wall art with black and blue details for an easy way to incorporate this dynamic duo.

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Bedroom Wall Art Size Possibilities

There are plenty of canvas sizes to choose from, and each set of dimensions comes with its own benefits. That’s why we put together our comprehensive wall art size guide. Here is a brief excerpt to assist you in choosing a canvas to hang above your bed:

Wall art that you want to hang over furniture, such as a fireplace, a bed or a couch, should be between 2/3 and 3/4 of the furniture's width. To measure the ideal art size above your furniture, consider this example: If your couch is 6 feet wide, multiply it by 0.66 and 0.75. You need a canvas between 3.96 feet and 4.5 feet wide to fit impressively above a large bed.”

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Selecting a Bedroom Wall Art Shape

After you’ve selected your perfect size, the next step is choosing the right shape for your space. Match your canvas shape to your personal style with this list of layouts:

The classic canvas: 1-Piece Canvas

The trendy two-piece: 2-Piece Split Canvas

The modern multi-panel: 3 to 5-Piece Multi-Panel Canvas

The funky hexagon: 7-Piece Hexagonal Canvas

If you’re not sure which shape will look best in your bedroom, view previews of our layouts by navigating through the images of each print on our website.

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More Bedroom Decor Topics

Now that you have a solid grasp on bedroom wall art, it’s time to explore other ways to take your sleeping space to the next level. Feeling crafty? Check out our guide to DIY Bedroom Décor Ideas. Ready to repaint? Scroll through our article on bedroom décor tips and paint ideas.

Closing Pro Tip

Our resident interior designer Elimar Lobo Sáenz shares a closing statement on interior decorating in 2022:

“When it comes to décor and design, the goal of 2022 is to express a message of strength and hopefulness. Aim to create a synergy between coziness, functionality and the sense of comfort.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where should I hang my wall art in my bedroom?

A: Hang your print wherever you have wide, empty space. Many designers choose to hang a piece of eye-catching wall art above the bed to fill the area in between the headboard and the ceiling. You can also opt for smaller symmetrical prints over each bedside table. Finally, if you don’t’ have a TV across from your bed, hang a painting across from your sleeping space so you wake up to something special every morning.

Q: How can I upgrade & decorate my bedroom walls?

A: There are tons of ways to add a splash of style to your bedroom walls. As detailed in this article, wall art is our top choice due to the affordability and high visual impact. You can also opt for floating shelves. Mirrors are another popular option if you want to create the illusion of a larger space. You can also paint an accent wall and give your bedroom a more dynamic look.

Q: How can I decorate a large bedroom wall?

A: Oversized wall art is the perfect way to upgrade a large bedroom wall. Choose a canvas that has super large dimensions to properly fill your space. As we mentioned, the biggest mistake you can make is opting for a canvas that is too small for its respective wall. If you have a large wall to decorate, the bigger the canvas the better! You can also create a gallery wall for a dynamic option, if you’d rather use several small prints rather than a single large canvas.  

Q: What is the best décor to put on bedroom walls?

A: The best décor depends on your personal style! We’ve highlighted our favorite trends, but your bedroom décor is ultimately up to you. Because it is the most personal space in your home, make sure that your sleeping space is reflective of who you are. Create your own sanctuary with calming wall art that makes you feel at home. When in doubt, consider abstract art in your favorite colors or a landscape of your favorite scenery.

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