Your kitchen is the perfect space to experiment with neutrals. Beginning designers and professionals alike are obsessed with the stunning simplicity of black and white. If your goal is to create a contemporary space, a black and white color palette is the perfect place to start. From kitchen cabinets to countertops and finishes, turn your cooking space into a modern marvel. While black and white décor might be a tried-and-true concept, we’ve put together several unexpected ways to incorporate these classic colors. Our design experts have shared their top tips for kitchen décor moving into 2022. Get your home ready for the new year with these unique & trendy decorating ideas.

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Black and White Kitchen Décor: A Summary

Modern Black and White Kitchen Ideas

Simple Black and White Kitchen Ideas

Black and White Kitchen Wall Décor

Kitchen Colors to Pair with Black and White

More Black and White Interior Ideas

Black and White Kitchen Décor: A Summary

The easiest way to experiment with black and white is to start with a white base. White cabinets and quartz countertops have been in style recently, and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Add black accents to contrast the bright white details. To make this look work for 2022 and stand out from 2021 trends, add warm metallic hardware to avoid a cold atmosphere. Display fresh herbs and natural greenery for an organic pop of color. Remember that you don’t have to stick with true black and white. You can incorporate grey-white and ivory as well as charcoal and slate.

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Expert Decorating Tips

ElephantStock's interior design expert Elimar Lobo Sáenz gives her advice on working with a black and white color scheme:  

“Black-and-white décor will never go out of style, and this timeless combo can help you create a kitchen full of design possibilities. Add shades of grey and other cool neutrals to soften the black and white color palette. This foolproof color scheme will make your space look instantly chic and dynamic.”

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black and white kitchen decor

Modern Black and White Kitchen Ideas

While black and white can lean traditional or contemporary, modern kitchens are making a comeback for 2022. Even though the “grandmillennial” style took over last year, along with maximalist tendencies, in 2022 minimalism and modernism are back on top. Toss out your shabby chic décor and focus on sleek, unexpected materials. You can still experiment with unfinished details in a modern way. For example, brushed concrete, matte black metal, and unpolished wood. These elements will avoid a sterile look, and give your cooking space a multi-dimensional look.

Expert Decorating Tips

Décor pro Elimar Lobo Sáenz explains a few modern décor trends for 2022 kitchens:

“Whether you want to create a lighthearted vibe or a refined look with a focus on practicality, there are a lot of options to give your kitchen a modern or contemporary touch. A few designer picks include glass tiles, mosaic, stone, and ceramic finishes. Contemporary kitchens often mix luxury and individuality and adding finishes with texture and personality is great way to achieve that balance."

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modern black and white kitchen decor

Simple Black and White Kitchen Ideas

To expand on the minimalist trend, focus on clean lines and simple shapes. Square tiles are taking over the recent subway tile trend. If you want to add additional shelving or storage, go with wood for a Scandinavian-style look. Nordic interiors are a major influence on the idea of minimalism. You want your space to look open and airy, as well as natural. Mix warm and cool neutrals for a look that’s trendy for 2022. Hang a piece of black and white typography for an ultra-modern, minimalist touch. Curated by our art director Tirzah Goodman, our “definition wall art” collection is perfect for an up-to-date space.  

Expert Decorating Tips

Interior design expert Elimar Lobo Sáenz shares her tips for building a minimalist, modern cooking space:

"The first step is to define the current contemporary style features. The minimalist modern style is known for blending both style and functionality. Highlight strong and sleek shapes and clean, open spaces.

Consider incorporating the following trends:

-Geometric Elements: From wall art to furniture, balance the look of harsh, straight lines with few curves: circles, orbs, cylinders, waves, etc.

-Sophisticate Neutral Colors: Choosing neutral hues will allow your shapes and finishes to stand out.  Also, you can add soft pops of color for additional visual interest.

-Clean Space: Keep accessories few and far between. Wide and open spaces without visuals obstacles and clutter are key."

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Black and White Kitchen Wall Décor

If you don’t want to start from scratch with your kitchen, you don’t have to renovate! Gutting your kitchen isn’t necessary to add a black and white touch. You can easily use wall art to add a hint of this colorless trend. For designers on a budget, black and white wall décor is the perfect solution.

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black and white kitchen wall art

Kitchen Colors to Pair with Black and White

For colors to pair with your black and white palette, consider some of the top trending hues for 2022. First, keep it cool with a silvery blue-green. As long as you stick to warm metal tones, you can use a completely cool color palette. Swap silver hardware for paint with silver undertones! Dusty rose, mauve, and pale turquoise are all muted takes on pops of color. The beauty of a black and white base is being able to add a splash of your favorite shade and still maintain a current look in your kitchen.

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More Black and White Interior Ideas

Black and white is a color palette that can be used in your kitchen and beyond. If you’re looking to explore other décor possibilities, check out our article on black and white bathroom décor. Searching for a colorless bedroom upgrade? We have a black and white-themed article for your sleeping space too!

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