Gothic style is a timeless trend that emphasizes darkly romantic themes. If you’re looking for a daring way to add a bold touch to your bedroom, look no further than gothic décor. From ornate candelabras, to deep color palettes, there are tons of ways to turn your sleeping space into a gothic wonderland. Inspired by a vintage Victorian aesthetic, there are several ways to modernize this classic aesthetic. Your bedroom should be a reflection of who you are, so if you love all things moody and macabre, this is the style for you! Our design experts have put together the ultimate guide to gothic bedroom décor for 2022.

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A Summary of Timeless Gothic Style

Victorian Gothic Bedroom Ideas

Rose-Inspired Gothic Décor Ideas

Neutral, Romantic Gothic Décor

Gothic Bedroom Wall Art

Gothic Color Palette Ideas

More Classic Aesthetics to Explore

A Summary of Timeless Gothic Style

Gothic style dates back to the Middle Ages, when opulent cathedrals were built by the Catholic Church. These sweeping structures eventually took on a more mysteries connotation, as the gothic style became commercialized over time. Romantic details like red roses, dark lace, and candles all became a part of this stunning style. Gothic style homes were popular during the Victorian era, and the theme is currently having a resurgence in modern bedrooms. It’s easy to see why people fall in love with this spooky-chic style over and over again.

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Victorian Gothic Bedroom Ideas

The first step in creating a Victorian-inspired sleeping space is to embrace opulence. Consider details like tufted headboards, dramatic drapes, and dark wood details in your bedroom. While you don’t have to go with a maximalist approach when it comes to gothic décor, the Victorian version demands excess. Accessorize with candles and elegant light fixtures. As long as you maintain a color palette with dark, spooky accents, you can flawlessly blend gothic and Victorian interior design.

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Rose-Inspired Gothic Décor Ideas

Roses are an integral part of gothic décor. From the deep, blood-red hue, to the delicate pattern of rose petals, these symbols of romance look stunning in any sleeping space. If you don’t want to continuously buy fresh roses for your nightstand, consider dried roses for a low-maintenance, totally gothic look. Take inspiration from the ruby red color of roses, and choose bedding in maroon hues. Hang a piece of rose-themed wall art with black and red roses for a sophisticated take on the gothic style.

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Neutral, Romantic Gothic Décor

While gothic design may typically rely on a dark color scheme, there are ways to add a splash of gothic décor to a neutral palette. Rather than using deep hues as the base of your space, add splashes of dark tones for a subtler approach. Matte black metallic finishes and dark floral details can lean gothic while still looking contemporary.

Expert Tips

ElephantStock's interior design expert Elimar Lobo Sáenz explains what makes gothic décor so romantic, and how to incorporate it into your bedroom:

“Gothic décor is inherently romantic. In its own, unique way, every distinctively gothic element screams, ‘drama, glamour, and decadence.’ This is the perfect formula if you’re after a striking, exciting atmosphere. Pick silk, satin, and velvet when it comes to fabrics. Look for dynamic patterns and textures. Consider satin bedding and pillows paired with dark lace curtains as a romantic finishing touch.”

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Gothic Bedroom Wall Art

If you want your bedroom to lean gothic but you’re not ready to renovate your entire sleeping space, consider wall art! Artwork is a low-cost, low-commitment way to experiment with a growing (or classic) trend. Hang a piece of wall art above your bed with typical gothic themes like skulls, wiry branches, or vintage patterns. Pair your wall art with gothic light fixtures that illuminate your print with a soft glow. For an extra-trendy touch, paint an accent wall behind your bed in a modern, gothic shade like gray or charcoal.

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Gothic Color Palette Ideas

Gothic color palettes can be classic or contemporary depending on how you incorporate different shades. Decide between a dark, moody base, and a more neutral base with moody accents. You can create a dramatic look with jewel tones like emerald, ruby, and navy blue peppered throughout your bedroom.

Gothic Black Bedroom Décor

If you’re stumped on which colors to incorporate into your gothic sleeping space, you can’t go wrong with black. Classic black is the foundation or original gothic décor. From black wall art to black bedding, this deep neutral is a foolproof hue. Consider dark curtains and other daring décor with black accents for a chic, macabre look. Plus, the benefit of black is that it works with almost any other color!

Expert Tips

ElephantStock's interior design expert Elimar Lobo Sáenz shares her tips for creating a gothic color scheme:

“Consider vibrant colors like purple, greens (forest green or emerald green), browns, ochre, ocean blue, and deep reds (deep burgundy or ruby red), to give richness. The darker your room looks, the better. Heavy wrought iron decorative elements (like candle holder sconce) also polished wood or stone features are key to achieving a gothic vibe”

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More Classic Aesthetics to Explore

Inspired by classic, vintage aesthetics? Learn how to modernize traditional trends through one of our articles on vintage décor. If you want to explore beyond the gothic trend, check out our guide to choosing the best vintage era for your unique personality. For homeowner’s who want a more feminine, flirty look rather than darkly romantic, use our shabby-chic article as design inspiration. For an era slightly different than gothic Victorian, we also have the ultimate guide to Regency Era decorating ideas. Our décor inspo blog has tons of expert tips on how to make your bedroom one-of-a-kind.

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