Whether you’re a teenager yourself, you’re looking for a gift for a teenager at home, these are the trendiest décor ideas. From wall art to color palette ideas, we’ve consulted with the top design experts to keep you ahead of the current trends. These creative and contemporary bedroom ideas will make you the envy of any houseguest. Decorate your (or your teen’s) bedroom with stunning pieces that radiate modernism and personality. Give your space a stylish boost with these super simple decorating concepts.

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Trendy Teen Bedroom Styles

Long gone are the days when color schemes were defined by gender. It’s all about mixing stereotypically masculine and feminine décor. Combine textiles in more mature shades like olive green with playful shades like dusty pink. An equal balance of bold décor and modern minimalism is ideal. For example, focus on a few stand-out statement pieces, while avoiding clutter and excess. You don’t have to shy away from daring décor, but choose your focal points wisely. Hang a stylish print above the bed for a splash of style that won’t overwhelm your space. For example, go with a geometric print from our collection of trending art curated by Tirzah Goodman.

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Expert Décor Tips

ElephantStock's interior design expert Elimar Lobo Sáenz shares some of the top trends for teenage room décor:

“A teenage bedroom is an escape from the world, so it’s important to create an ultra-personal atmosphere. Some of the most popular trends include:

-Statement mirrors in unconventional shapes

-Wallpaper is making a huge comeback! Choose a fun, daring print like polka dots or pop art.

-String lights or funky lamps to add both functionality and style

-A colorful collage with a mix of personal pieces and prints

-Plants and indoor greenery for a trendy and natural touch

-Typography-style artwork for a pop of personality

-A turntable and record collection display for a retro twist”

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Edgy Teen Bedroom Décor Ideas

Being a teenager is all about discovering your identity and experimenting with exciting styles. Don’t be afraid to get a little edgy and explore unexpected décor. Focus on ultra-textured details and a touch of darkness. Black matte metallic elements mix well with patterns like plaid and checkers. Hang posters of your favorite music artists for a retro touch that is making a huge comeback. Keep your lighting soft and moody. Explore asymmetry and placing your furniture in unconventional places. Rather than hanging your wall art above your bed like we mentioned earlier, go with a more creative placement. Unbalanced décor can actually give your space a more dynamic look. Complete your edgy teen bedroom with a grungy graffiti print to tie everything together.

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teen bedroom decor ideas

Modern Teenage Girl Room ideas

 As we mentioned above, gendered décor is becoming less defined and therefore less important when crafting a stylish bedroom. For a teen girl’s room, you can combine both delicate and bold elements. Explore floral details mixed with muted neutral tones. Mix both warm and cool metals. Choose furniture that is low-profile and understated, and juxtapose these minimal pieces with lots of cozy textiles and pillows. Fresh flowers or live greenery can add a pop of color that looks chic and current. Rather than shades like bright pink and true blue, opt for in-between shades and more muted colors like blue-grey, dusty rose, griege, and cream. Hang a multi-panel, minimalist print with a touch of ethereal energy to elevate your space.

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teen bedroom ideas

Boho Teen Room Décor Ideas

If you are a free spirit yourself, or you know a teen with a carefree persona, you can’t beat boho décor. Bohemian-style interiors are all about mixing natural tones with adventurous details. Pair organic textiles like macrame and wool with a well-lit space. Perfectly imperfect is how to describe a boho space. Feel free to mix modern elements with classic pieces. Combining vintage with current-day is essential for the perfect boho bedroom. Use both warm and cool neutrals, and play with nature-inspired wall art and décor. This style is perfect for those who want to express their wanderlust and freedom.

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The Best Wall Art for Teen Rooms

While there are practically endless wall art options to choose from for your teen bedroom, some pieces are trendier than others. Don’t just consider the subject of the print, also be aware of the shape and layout. For example, multi-panel prints tend to have a more fun, contemporary look. 2-piece split canvases are topping the list of current trends, and this rule-breaking layout is ideal for a rebellious teen. Also experiment with canvas sets with contrasting imagery. For example, or “Definition Wall Art” collection, curated by Tirzah Goodman, is the perfect blend of minimalism and modernism. Plus, typography is a great way to let the world know what you are passionate about. From social justice issues to a simple phrase that speaks to you, blend typography with conceptual art for a current look.

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teenage girl room decor ideas

More Trendy Home Décor Ideas

A teenage bedroom is meant to be a space for self-expression. At the end of the day, you should choose décor that represents your unique personality. From boho to grunge, modern décor is varied and full of life. For more interior design trends, visit our inspiration blog. Discover trending artwork and décor for any room in your home. We have articles on everything from gender neutral nursery decor to finding a balance between comfort and style. Turn your home into the space of your dreams with a few easy and affordable upgrades. Good luck!

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