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If you consider yourself a free spirit, this is the guide for you. Your interior should reflect who you are, and it should feel like a space you can express yourself. Bohemian decor is meant to celebrate a laid-back lifestyle and an appreciation for nature. Boho design is also about expressing individuality and being unapologetically yourself. The term bohemian has evolved to mean those who choose to pursue an unconventional lifestyle and embrace adventure. If you love art, music, and travel, consider this inspiring trend. We’ve put together wall art ideas that fit the boho vibe to a T. Discover the top tips from our resident design experts, and turn your home into a bohemian paradise.

Boho Wall Art: Natural Geometry

Bohemian decor is all about celebrating shapes and lines found in nature. Your home should feel like a part of the natural world, so it’s important to explore architecture and design that is inspired by organic elements. Create a color palette that is warm with flecks of deep green and blue. Don’t forget, you can never have enough wooden details! Curved lines in furniture and decor can make a huge difference in a bohemian space. Geometric pieces with soft shapes will add visual dimension without retracting from the earthy appearance. You can also add metallic details in brushed metals like bronze and nickel for a modern twist on the retro boho trend.

Boho Canvas Art: Expert Picks

Explore one of our top trending bohemian wall art collections, “Abstract Minimalist Architecture.” Mixing minimalism with boho style is one of the most popular techniques for 2024. Curated by our art director, Tirzah Goodman, this catalog of wall art is ideal for a free-spirited space. Opt for an oversized, multi-panel print to really make a contemporary statement in your room. Our abstract architecture collection provides the perfect opportunity to bring the outside in. You don’t need a lot of decor to make an impact, just focus on a few key statement pieces! Avoid clutter, and add greenery to fill your space without overwhelming it.

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While bohemian wall art is natural by definition, it can also be celestial. Embrace your crystals and astrological knowledge for a boho take on a celestial trend. Get an ethereal look with soft lighting and organic details. Consider vegan leather or suede for an eco-friendly, laid-back-meets-luxury look. Hang a piece of wall art inspired by the beauty of space. Bohemian style is all about combining the past and the present, so consider a vintage-inspired print for a truly boho feel. A modern, multi-panel print is the perfect way to make a vintage piece look contemporary. Keep your space minimal if you want your wall art to stand out.

Boho Accent Wall Ideas

If you’re looking for an easy way to make your wall art pop, an accent wall is simple solution. You don’t have to go with a dark-toned accent wall to make an impact. Consider a softer alternative to white like taupe, tan, ivory, or sage. These unexpected neutrals will make your interior look creative while still maintaining a low-key look. If you want to go beyond the look of an accent wall, try painting your entire room in an unpredictable (but subtle) hue. If you choose a warm tone, go for a cool-colored piece of artwork. For cool-toned walls, a warmer print is ideal.

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Modern Boho Wall Art Styles

Although bohemian style is heavily vintage inspired, boho decor has taken on a life of its own in 2024. The 1970s influenced the bohemian aesthetic with organic textiles and earthy tones. The contemporary version of this hippie trend includes some of the same elements, but also several new developments. For instance, macrame and wicker are still major boho trends. Metallics, however, are a trendy 2024 addition. Add splashes of gold throughout your space, and keep it light and bright.

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Wall Art Trends: Mandalas

Curated by our art director, Tirzah Goodman, our Mandala collection is full of stunning, spiritual patterns. Mandalas are Eastern symbols that promote positive energy, meditation, and spiritual growth. If you’re on a path to self-improvement, or you want to add a serene touch to your space, consider a beautiful Mandala-inspired print.

Boho Decor: Pro Tips

ElephantStock's interior design expert Elimar Lobo Sáenz shares her top tips for boho decor:

"Generally speaking, Bohemian interiors typically incorporate lots of different textures, patterns, and colors. They also put a large emphasis on natural materials and overall comfort.

Some of the trendiest decorations to bring a boho vibe to your space include:

Pouf ottomans

-Woven Baskets

-Candles and Lanterns 

-Macrame Details

-Fringe Rugs

-Faux Fur Textiles

-Wool Throws"

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Boho Kitchen Decor Ideas

Your kitchen is the perfect place to experiment with bohemian decor. Combine off-white with gold accents, and hang a boho print in the center of your space. Grow fresh herbs and add houseplants for a natural touch. Don’t be afraid to combine colors with neutrals for an eclectic look. Mix modern finished with vintage details to achieve the boho aesthetic.

Vintage Pattern Trends

One of our favorite boho trends is exemplified in our “Vibrant Vintage Pattern” collection. This catalog of wall art was curated by our art director, Tirzah Goodman. If you’re looking for the perfect classic-meets-contemporary decor, these prints are right up your alley. Full of floral and botanical patterns in unconventional colors, these pieces of wall art are quirky and classy rolled into one.

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Bohemian Artwork Colors

Stick to organic, muted tones like dusty rose, rust orange, sage green, and woody beige. You can add a bright color as an accent shade, but earthy colors act as a perfect base. Combine color and texture to create a dynamic look.

Black and White Boho Wall Art

Although traditional bohemian style tended to stray away from stark shades like black and white, the modern boho revival is all about adding pops of contrast. Black and white is a foolproof combination that will match any surrounding color scheme. If you’re still working on putting together your living space, you can’t go wrong with a greyscale print. No matter what furniture or accessories you decide on, your wall art will match perfectly.

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Large Boho Wall Art Sizes

If you really want to make a statement in your space, go with an oversized boho canvas. Stumped on which dimensions will best suit your wall? Consider one of the following sizes from our Ultimate Wall Art Size Guide:

“Planning a gallery wall above your furniture, or hanging a multi-panel canvas? The best size is 52 inches by 32 inches. Hang asymmetrical canvases, and arrange them symmetrically create an eye-catching look on your wall.

If you want to create a focal point, go with these dimensions: 66"X33" This is an excellent option for starting an oversized gallery wall. Create a focal point in any room that has a large, empty wall. You should measure the space before installing your canvas, as this size can look overwhelming in a room with small walls.

Looking for something really dramatic and big for a massively large empty wall? Go with 68"X45"! Choose a giant, oversized canvas that measures 68 inches by 45 inches in height and width. If you want to cover the entire wall above your couch or bed, this is the right selection for your space. It makes your space look dramatic and appealing while adding a hint of luxury.”

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Boho Canvas Art: Shapes

Finally, you have to consider the best boho canvas layout for your interior. Match your personal style to this canvas shape chart:

For the lover of all things classic: 1-Piece Canvas

If you want to add a trendy touch: 2-Piece Split Canvas

Put a modern twist on boho style: 3 to 5-Piece Multi-Panel Canvas  

Add something unapologetically fun and funky: 7-Piece Hexagonal Canvas

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Trending Boho: Abstract Landscape Wall Art

Looking for a trendy take on boho wall art? Abstract landscapes offer a unique and modern take on traditional landscape paintings. They allow for a more interpretive and imaginative approach to depicting the natural world, with a focus on shape, color, and form rather than strict representation. Abstract landscape art can be a beautiful addition to any room, adding depth, texture, and color to your walls.

One of the great benefits of an abstract landscape print is the versatility. It can work well in a variety of settings, from minimalist and contemporary spaces to more traditional and eclectic rooms. The use of bold colors, expressive brushstrokes, and dynamic compositions can create a striking visual impact, while still maintaining a sense of peacefulness and tranquility. Warm and earthy tones can add a sense of coziness and comfort, while cool blues and greens can evoke a calming and soothing feeling.

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Beyond Boho: More Decor Topics

If you’re ready to explore boho decor beyond wall art, check out this guide on bohemian interior ideas. For other expert design guides, visit our inspiration blog. We have tons of professional tips and tricks on how to elevate your home!

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