Indulge your sense with a soft, sultry, lavender-inspired bathroom. It’s imperative to create a multi-sensory experience in your most sacred space. Your bathroom is a place to relax, unwind, and reconnect with yourself. Lavender has always been a calming, soothing addition to the home. You can add lavender décor for a serene touch to your space. From wall art to paint colors, there are tons of ways to add lavender to your contemporary bathroom. We’ve compiled advice from top design experts to give you the ultimate guide to lavender bathroom décor. Create the spa-inspired space you’ve always dreamed of with a few easy, affordable tips and tricks.

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Why Lavender is the Best Bathroom Shade

Modern Lavender Bathroom Ideas

French Lavender Bathroom Décor

Lavender Décor for Small Bathrooms

Lavender Canvas Wall Art Ideas

More Purple Décor Concepts

Why Lavender is the Best Bathroom Shade

Blue and green are overdone when it comes to bathroom color palettes. Not only is purple the most coveted color of the year, but lavender is the perfect soft rendition if you’re after a sophisticated look. The goal is to create something unexpected without looking gaudy. Lavender is the ultimate solution! It oozes luxury without being too predictable. Paint your bathroom walls in a gorgeous, muted lavender for a foolproof, refreshing look. The beauty of lavender is that it goes with both warm and cool tones. Add bright white accents for a splash of modernism and brushed metals like bronze and gunmetal for a vintage-inspired touch. The goal is to combine classic and contemporary details to create a truly timeless space.

PS: Expert Décor Advice

Check out these professional design tips from our expert article all about adding a touch of lavender to your home:

“Purple is super stylish this year, and there are unlimited ways to incorporate this effortlessly chic shade. Borrow design inspiration from Provençal lavender fields, where cobblestone boulevards meet fragrant florals. Fairytale villages sit on picturesque European cliff sides. Mix the iconic French “je ne sais quoi” with a trendy, purple look. Add lavender-scented self-case products to your bathroom for a fragrant treat, and place dried lavender in a vase on your counter. Emrbace the at-home spa look with lavender bath salts and matching towels and textiles. You want your bathroom to look feminine and fresh, and to celebrate the art of pampering yourself.”

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Modern Lavender Bathroom Ideas

If you want to focus on top trending décor, we’ve got your back! Wow your guests with your knowledge of this year’s style. Lavender is a great place to start, as purple is ultra-trendy for 2022. If your walls are covered in modern tile, or you don’t want to repaint, you can still incorporate lavender into your space! Try a piece of lavender-themed wall art that stretches across your entire bathroom wall. You can also add lavender through fresh flowers or purple-tinted toiletry jars. Transfer your soaps and skincare into lavender, frosted glass containers. These will add a refined touch as well as the appearance of cohesion in your space. You can also add purple bathmats or other textiles. Just make sure to keep your space minimalistic and filled with earthy neutrals to maintain a modern look and offset the inherent femininity of lavender.

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Lavender and Grey Bathroom Decor

PS: Expert Décor Advice

Speaking of mixing purple with neutrals, consider combining purple and grey using this expert design tip from our blog:

“Lavender and grey is a stunning color combo for a fun AND serene space. Pantone’s Color of 2022, Very Peri, is the perfect example of an ethereal purple hue that’s taking the design world by storm. Add a lighter version of periwinkle (like lavender!) to your bathroom, and pair it with a cool, contemporary grey for the ideal modern balance.”

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French Lavender Bathroom Décor

When you think of lavender, it’d be understandable if your mind immediately wandered to the dreamy fields of Provence. The South of France is famous for its bucolic atmosphere and iconic lavender fields. There’s nothing more romantic than French lavender. Create a French countryside-inspired atmosphere in your bathroom with soft purple paint and a piece of floral wall art. Accessorize with vintage accessories. Lavender is the perfect addition to a vanity or getting-ready space. Add an antique vanity table with distressed white paint for a truly French-inspired touch.

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Lavender Décor for Small Bathrooms

If you’re working with an ultra-compact space, you can still add a splash of lavender to your space. In fact, a hint of purple is a great way to create visual dimension in a small bathroom. Ideal for a guest or half-bathroom, add lavender details for an instantly classy look. Potpourri is also a timeless idea to add aromatherapy and a touch of sophistication. Consider amethyst-inspired décor for a bohemian take on the color lavender.

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Lavender Canvas Wall Art Ideas

Perhaps the easiest way to add a soft purple to your bathroom is by hanging a piece of lavender wall art. Bathrooms are often neglected when it comes to wall décor. A bare bathroom wall is the tell-tale sign of an amateur designer! Don’t fall into the trap of blank bathroom walls. Hang a piece of fun, floral wall art with an eye-catching lavender color scheme. If you want your space to still look modern and sleek, surround your wall art with black, grey, and beige details.

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More Purple Décor Concepts

We said it before and we’ll say it again, purple is the hottest color of 2022! From Pantone’s Very Peri to soft purple color schemes, you can’t go wrong with this whimsical mix of red and blue. While a lavender bathroom is undeniably gorgeous, you don’t have to limit your lavender use to just one room! Learn how to add soft purple tones to your bedroom and more on our décor inspiration blog.

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