Whether you live in a loft-style building, or you just love industrial style, these decorating ideas are contemporary through and through. A loft is a space, usually under the roof of a building, that was converted from a functional space to a live-able area. Often expansive and common in urban areas, this type of living space is unique and totally modern. The elevated ceilings make for a haven of natural light and sweeping city views. Even if you don’t live in a typical loft, you can still steal style inspo from these metropolitan places. Whether your “loft” is large, or just a small area of your overall home, get inspired by trendy decorating ideas. These expert tips will give you a grasp on current style trends and loft-friendly décor.

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Loft Design Ideas: Top Trends

Minimalist Loft Decorating Ideas

Small Loft Decorating Ideas

Modern & Trendy Loft Decor

The Top Loft Wall Art for 2022

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Loft Design Ideas: Top Trends

Loft décor is all about being selective with your pieces. Even if you’re lucky enough to have a large, airy loft, a well-curated space is about quality not quantity.  For example, experiment with buttery textiles like leather, along with rich natural materials like polished wood. Decorating a loft should also come with a carefree undertone. It should look intentional but effortless at the same time. This juxtaposition may sound impossible to achieve, but all it takes is a few key pieces of décor. Mix industrial-style details like exposed bricks and hanging bulbs, with more refined elements like luxury furniture and live greenery.

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Expert Design Tips

ElephantStock's interior design expert Elimar Lobo Sáenz shares her tips for accessorizing in a loft-style space:

"It’s important to avoid doing “too much” when trying to achieve an industrial-style look. A contemporary, industrial space is well thought-out and meaningful. Because most loft-style apartments have an open floor plan, take advantage of the empty space. Add unique pendant lights and Edison-style bulbs, and create warmth with reclaimed wood to contrast the cool metallic accents."

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Loft Decor

Minimalist Loft Decorating Ideas

Neutrals are your best friend when it comes to loft-style décor. Nothing says “modern” quite like ivory, taupe, grey, and black. One way to stay contemporary is to create contrast without going overboard on color. Focus on clean lines and geometric shapes for a dynamic, but understated look. Make sure your space is well-lit so it doesn’t appear cold. While you are playing into the industrial theme, you still want your home to feel livable rather than commercial. Making a minimalist space cozy is simple with a few designer tricks. Most importantly, don’t let your walls be bare! While it’s important not to create too much clutter, wall décor is the perfect solution for adding a personal touch without taking up space. Don’t sacrifice personality for minimalism – blend the two!

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Loft Design Ideas

Small Loft Decorating Ideas

Because a loft is typically the useable space underneath a roof, there can also be small lofts within apartments themselves. Loft beds are common in modern studios, as well as loft-like areas used as storage in homes. While these areas may not have the high ceilings commercial lofts are known for, they can still benefit from a boost of décor. If you have sloped ceilings, consider furniture that is low to the ground to maximize the space above. Hang a few simple lightbulbs that don’t take up room but still look stylish.

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small loft design ideas

Modern & Trendy Loft Decor

Lofts are a great space to experiment with modern trends. Design trends come and go, but it can be fun to explore the latest styles. The beauty of trends is that you’ll often fall in love with a certain style that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Geometric canvas sets are one of our current top trends for 2022. Curated by Tirzah Goodman, these eye-popping panels incorporate color blocking, modernism, and abstraction. Pair your geometric print with low-profile, minimalist furniture. Block-like shapes and clean lines are perfect for a cohesive and eye-catching look.

Purple Wall Décor: “Very Peri”

If you’re looking for the perfect splash of color, consider Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year. “Very Peri” is a beautiful mix of blue and purple. This periwinkle shade is easy to blend, while still acting as a vibrant pop of color. While it’s not subtle by any means, the red undertones create a much warmer look than a traditional blue tone. Use wall art as an easy way to incorporate Very Peri, or go bold and paint an entire accent wall in this trendy hue.  

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Loft Ideas

The Top Loft Wall Art for 2022

Wall art is one of the easiest ways to elevate your loft. If you’re decorating on a budget, artwork can transform the look of your loft with very little cost and commitment. Graffiti-style wall art is the perfect complement to an industrial interior. Not only is graffiti a rising trend for 2022, but it can also add a daring edge to your space. Show off your creative side with a print that represents rebellion and freedom.  

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Modern Wall Art

More Décor for Contemporary Spaces

Now that you know how to give your loft an upgrade with décor that pops, explore other decorating ideas. Lofts aren’t the only spaces that deserve a contemporary makeover. From your kitchen to your bathroom, make your home into a modern marvel with a few simple adjustments and pieces of trendy décor. From changing up your color scheme to adding creative wall décor, there are tons of easy ways to make your living space feel personal. Visit our inspiration blog for more expert tips and tricks.

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