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There is something universally welcoming about a warm-toned interior. Mix a vibrant coral with a buttery yellow to instantly lift your mood. Bestow a joyful disposition onto your houseguests with the simple addition of warmer hues. Consider incorporating variations of red, orange, and yellow into your already-warm home. Most importantly? Choose a piece of wall art that ties the warm tones together! Below is a list of our favorite prints that scream “warmth.”

The Golden Rule - Kitchen

Before selecting your perfect piece of warm wall art, make sure you rid your kitchen of cool-toned metals. Commit to the warm-toned trend, and swap your stainless steel for gold wherever possible. If bright gold is too flashy for you, other warm metals include copper and bronze. Once you’ve curated your gilded interior, choose a warm colored painting that will make the gold tones pop. With the addition of warm metallic details, your kitchen will look breathtaking in the morning and afternoon light.

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Sunset Coffee Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Peachy Keen - Bedroom

Pink can lean both warm or cool depending on the shade. For a truly warm and cozy bedroom idea, go for variations like peach and coral. These pinky hues are fun and fabulous! Add vivid pops of pink and coral for a style that’s daring, retro, and up-and-coming. Mix peachy tones with warm neutrals like tan and beige for a more sophisticated look. Choose a piece of wall art that uses pink or peach as the main color, and hang it in the center of your bedroom.

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Peach Lotus Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Not-So-Mellow Yellow - Living Room

It’s only fitting to mention the Pantone Color of the Year, “Illuminating” yellow! This unapologetically sunny color is perfect for setting the tone of the new year. Warmer than lemon yellow but cooler than mustard, this true yellow is for homeowners who want their living room to feel like summer all year round! Don’t be afraid to choose bright yellow furniture as a statement piece for your living space. Find a warm coloured painting with various shades of yellow to add some visual dimension, without sacrificing warmth.

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Yellow Sunflowers Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Tangerine Dreams - Dining Room

We're saying goodbye to dull dining rooms! Forget muted hues like rust and pumpkin. 2021 is all about being bold! Opt for light, bright shades of orange like melon and tangerine. Use citrus as your interior inspiration, and add some zest to your space! Bright orange tones were popular in the 1970’s, and they’re coming back in a big way! To modernize this look, mix light orange with ivory for a chic twist. Look for warm wall art with a contemporary, abstract theme.

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Orange Watercolor Splash Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Radiant Red - Bathroom

You can’t go wrong when designing with red. Red is fiery, passionate, and undeniably eye-catching. The French say that a swipe of red lipstick can make your entire look, and that philosophy can also be applied to interior design! From roses to flames, no warm-toned interior is complete without radiant red details. For towels and bath mats, combine a variety of reddish hues to avoid a garish look with one dominating shade. Hang wall art with beige or neutral tones that offset the bright red subject.

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The Perfect Manicure Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Warm Decor & More

Warm tones are known to be mentally and emotionally stimulating, so they are excellent for social rooms and common areas. 2021 is the year to commit to a color scheme and make your space look creative and cohesive. Warm décor is always a favorable choice, and it will put a smile on your face each time you enter your home. Pick a piece of warm wall art for the perfect finishing touch.

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