A modern interior is all about embracing current trends and making daring design choices. Wall décor is one of the simplest ways to give your home a contemporary touch without reinventing your entire space. Our home décor experts have highlighted the top decorating ideas for 2022 – and wall art is at the top of the list! Learn how to pick the style that will best suit your décor goals, and bring a touch of modernism to your space. Plus, beyond just defining your interior style, there are several technical considerations to make your home look like it was decorated by a pro. These contemporary wall décor ideas will elevate and balance your home in the blink of an eye.

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Current Contemporary Wall Décor Styles

Contemporary Canvas Art Size Tips

Contemporary Framed Art: Layout Ideas

Modern Living Room Wall Décor

Bold & Bright Contemporary Color Schemes

More Contemporary Wall Décor

Current Contemporary Wall Décor Styles

2022 décor should be punchy, bold, and full of life. Our art director, Tirzah Goodman, has curated several collections to highlight this trend. Fall in love with vibrant floral patterns and surreal takes on natural themes. Take organic boho décor to the next level with bright colors and patterns. As long as you avoid clutter and excess furniture, you can maintain a modern look full of dynamic accents and accessories.

Expert Design Tips

Vivid, contemporary art is a huge trend for 2022, and our resident design expert, Elimar Lobo Sáenz, explains why:

“You can’t go wrong with abstract or contemporary styles of wall decor. Whether you want to create an equal balance of elegant and edgy, or you’d rather go gunge-ho for organic-meets-grunge, there’s something undeniably special about contemporary art. The mysterious nature of an abstract painting is attention-grabbing and eye-catching. Plus, abstract art matches practically any modern style!”

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contemporary modern wall decor

Contemporary Canvas Art Size Tips

Choosing the right size wall art is just as important as selecting your ideal style. Follow this advice from our Ultimate Wall Art Size Guide to find the perfect size for your space:

“If you’re choosing wall art for a predominantly empty wall, your wall art should take up about 60% to 75% of the available empty wall space (the portion not covered by moldings or furniture). The first step is to measure the height and width of the wall. Next, multiply the measurements by both 0.6 and 0.75. As a result, you will get the best range of canvas print sizes to suit your unique space.”

Your print format will also be dependent on the size you need. Consider this expert tip to help you choose a format based on size:

“While framed prints come in larger sizes, unframed canvases are available in a wider range of oversized layouts. An unframed, multi-panel print can come in up to seven pieces, making it an ultra-versatile option. However, framed prints are ideal for more compact spaces.”

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Contemporary Wall Art Decor

Contemporary Framed Art: Layout Ideas

Speaking of framed artwork, let’s get down to the nitty gritty of framed wall art! Here are some of the benefits of this classic layout from our guide to framed vs unframed artwork:

“A framed canvas lends gives your space a refined touch. In addition, the solid black border frame keeps the focus on the artwork. A framed print is typically what you see hanging in a gallery or a museum. A luxurious and low-maintenance choice, there are several benefits to this tried-and-true layout.”

If you do decide on a piece of framed modern art, make sure to check out our advice for hanging wall art the right way:

“A super common mistake is not hanging your artwork completely flush with the wall. A canvas that sticks out too far can cheapen the overall look of your room. Attention to detail is essential when creating a well-curated interior. If your nail is sticking out and causing a gap between your canvas and the wall, it can be distracting to houseguests. A flush frame is especially important when creating a gallery wall.”

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Contemporary Wall Art

Modern Living Room Wall Décor

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to modernizing your home, your living room should be your number one priority. The living room is the most visible space, making wall décor an essential addition. Go with a minimalist print that packs a punch with color for the perfect blend between chic and striking.

Expert Design Tips

Our design expert, Elimar Lobo Sáenz, gives her top tips for contemporary a modern living space:

“If you scour the web, there are practically endless tips on how to achieve a modern living room. However, it’s just as important to highlight what NOT to do. Avoid these mistakes when building a contemporary space:

-Picking furniture or accessories solely for looks and not practicality

-Putting too much emphasis on symmetry and unnatural balance

-Trying to combine too many trends in one room

-Sacrificing your personal taste for current styles

-Sticking to solely neutral tones without a pop of color

-Making your television or entertainment console the focus of the room”

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Contemporary Living Room Wall Art

Bold & Bright Contemporary Color Schemes

Because nothing about 2022 is subtle, your color scheme should radiate confidence. Consider attention-grabbing tones like teal, periwinkle, yellow, and fuchsia.

Pink Wall Décor

Pink and purple are hot hues for 2022. Choose a piece of pink wall art to elevate (rather than overwhelm) your home. If you don’t want to commit to an entirely pink piece, choose a print that incorporates cool tones for optimal contrast. Decide whether you want your piece of contemporary wall art to be a statement piece, or a way of tying in your daring décor.

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Pink Wall Art

More Contemporary Wall Décor

2022 has highlighted so many new trends, it’s impossible to cover every contemporary concept all in one place. If you’re craving even MORE contemporary décor ideas, check out our décor blog! From modern art to trendy furniture, there are endless ways to update your space. Happy decorating!

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