Our new print collection is all about combining simplicity with contemporary style. If you love geometric prints and clean lines, these prints are right up your alley. Our “Minimalist Architecture” collection creates a space within a space. Like a doorway to another dimension, this artwork will add depth and visual intrigue to any space. Learn how to style this striking wall art, and explore the boho-meets-modernism aesthetic. Become a master in boho decorating and welcome guests into your elevated home.

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The Style: Minimalist Meets Bold

Contemporary Color-Blocking

Meshing Interior and Exterior Details

Boho Bedroom Ideas and Beyond

Finding Versatility in Vibrance

The Style: Minimalist Meets Bold

Just because you prefer a minimalist aesthetic, doesn’t mean your home has to be boring. Our Minimalist Architecture collection is proof! Minimalism means being selective about your décor, and avoiding excess clutter. Use simple furniture with geometric shapes, but don’t stray away from color altogether. 2021 has seen a spike in vibrant shades for modern interiors. Consider using a monochromatic color scheme to stay true to the minimalist aesthetic. This will create a seamless look with no shortage of character. Our prints pair perfectly with a drama-meets-minimalist design.

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Boho Decorating

Contemporary Color-Blocking

If monochrome isn’t your style, color-blocking can have an equally contemporary effect. This style places colors on the opposite side of the color wheel right next to each other for a blocky, geometric look. Our Minimalist Architecture collection offers several prints that include color-blocking while maintaining a modern vibe. Pull one color from your print of choice and furnish your space with this shade. This will let the contrasting color stand out while keeping a cohesive appearance.

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Minimalist Art

Meshing Interior and Exterior Details

Bring the beauty of exterior architecture inside your home. The sense of surrealism that this collection exudes is unparalleled. By meshing interior design with exterior imagery, you can create a space that looks sleek and stimulating. With just the right amount of eclecticism, these prints are simple without looking serious. Strike the perfect balance between a playful space and a sophisticated home.

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Boho Living Room

Boho Bedroom Ideas and Beyond

Looking for boho bedroom ideas? Avoid the overused boho décor and go with a more refined take on the organic aesthetic. While it may sound like an oxymoron to combine an understated atmosphere with a style that represents freedom, you can achieve a sleek bohemian look with the right materials and accessories. Hang a Minimalist Architecture print that combines vivid hues with earthy tones, and pair it with natural finishes like raw wood and organic textiles. Don’t be afraid to layer different textures, and combine warm and cool tones to get an “intentionally carefree” vibe.

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Boho Bedroom

Finding Versatility in Vibrance

Bold colors and striking shapes don’t have to take over your space. Our Minimalist Architecture collection works to enhance your décor rather than distract from it. These trendy prints also work with a variety of styles. Their simplicity makes them versatile, while their eye-catching appearance makes them the ultimate statement piece. No matter your color scheme or existing aesthetic, add a modern touch with our top picks for Summer 2021 décor. Curated by our design experts, this collection will take your interior boho decorating game to a whole new level.

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