Creative Fall Wall Art Ideas for Your Home

Between the crisp morning air and nature’s vibrant display of colors, it’s easy to see why fall is a crowd favorite. It’s important to transition your home décor as the months get colder, and wall décor is an easy way to keep your interior looking seasonally appropriate.

Whether you want to try your hand at DIY, or splurge at the store, there are tons of autumn-themed décor options to choose from. Stick to a warm color palette and explore everything from wall art to fall wreaths.

Here are our top picks for fall wall décor ideas:

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Hot Trends: Mystical Fall Wall Art

Top Artists: Leonid Afremov

Leafy Wreaths

Crisp Canvases

Hanging Around

Trendy Typography

A Gallery of Gourds

Multi-Dimensional DIY

Fall Art Finale

One of the top design trends for 2022 is surrealism. Our “mystical” collection, curated by our art director Tirzah Goodman, is our take on this trend. Autumn is a dreamy season, so why not pick wall art that is equally ethereal? As the leaves change to yellow and orange, add a mystical painting that showcases the beauty of this transformative season. Find a painting or illustration that uses brushstrokes to create an otherworldly appearance. Mystical artwork should have something almost eerie about it, without sacrificing warmth. Speaking of warmth, swap out your cool bulbs for warmer lighting to curate a romantic ambience for fall. This will also enhance your dreamy piece of wall art.

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Top Artists: Leonid Afremov

A master of fall colors, our top trending artist for 2022 is Leonid Afremov. His vibrant, colorful work is incomparably eye-catching. You can recognize one of his pieces immediately upon first glance. Choose one of his autumn-inspired scenes to instantly elevate your interior. Let his work remain the statement piece of your space. Choose a multi-panel, unframed canvas print by Leonid Afremov for a modern look. Consider his work for your dining room or another communal area for maximum impact. Wow your guests this fall/holiday season with a striking space full of attention to detail. A Leonid Afremov print is the perfect finishing touch to your autumn-inspired interior.

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Leafy Wreaths

Wreaths are a popular holiday accessory, but they can also be hung long before Christmas. There are plenty of wreaths that incorporate fall colors through artificial orange leaves and decorative gourds.

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Gone are the days when wreaths were exclusively hung on doors. Wreaths can make an excellent accessory on any empty wall. From maple leaves to dried flowers, there are so many stunning combinations to brighten your space.

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Crisp Canvases

Canvas paintings are a low-maintenance way to give your home a brand-new look. Swap out your print of choice depending on the season, and be prepared with décor for every time of the year. Don’t shy away from a prominent piece of fall art. Make your new autumn-inspired canvas the center of attention.

The mission is simple; look for scenes depicting the intensity of nature’s changing colors. Consider a New England-inspired piece that showcases the vivid beauty of fall. You can also choose a painting with a single pop of color for a subtler approach.

Create a collage with multi-panel canvases, or choose a single statement piece. Whether you keep it simple or commit to a more eclectic configuration, it’s all about choosing a piece that brings you joy.

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Hanging Around

Rustic décor is nothing new, but there are tons of ways to get creative with this popular theme. Rustic wall hangings are a gorgeous way to give your home a country-chic shift.

Fall garlands can be hung pretty much anywhere, and they’re great for an understated hint of autumn. Hang strings of pinecones, leaves, and fall berries. You can also make your own autumn-themed signage with a decorative chalkboard or hanging wood panel.

Look for antique wall hangings that bring a perfectly imperfect touch. From brushed metal to unfinished wood, there are plenty of rustic possibilities.

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Trendy Typography

Autumn is all about getting cozy and making your house feel like a home. Use typographical art to display your favorite fall phrase or inspirational quote. Place this family-oriented piece of fall art on top of the fireplace or over the couch. Find the perfect ode to October to complement your existing décor.  

From a simple word like “gather,” to a piece that incorporates spirituality, there are endless options of art with words.

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A Gallery of Gourds

Install floating shelves and fill them with fall-inspired items. Pumpkins and gourds are a foolproof fall accessory, and they deserve to be displayed! Adorn your walls with shelves covered in fall vegetables and decorative corn.

Harvest-themed décor is a great way to ring in the autumn months without breaking the bank. All you need are a few slabs of wood, nails, and your favorite mini-pumpkins from the supermarket. Gourds make creative wall decorations that are super easy to implement.

Multi-Dimensional DIY

Looking for a way to really personalize your space? Make your own fall wall art! Find leaves, twigs, berries, and branches and adhere them to a blank canvas to create three-dimensional fall art. If you want an ultra-personalized look, making your own textured artwork is the way to go.

If you’re not sure about the three-dimensional approach, but you still want to add a personal touch to your décor, consider one of our customizable coloring canvases. You can fill these pre-outlined scenes with your favorite fall colors.

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Fall Art Finale

From fall painting ideas to DIY décor, there are so many ways to prep your home for fall. Now that we’ve entered the coziest time of year, it’s time your home reflects the changing seasons. Fall in love with vibrant fall art and warm-toned color palettes. There’s no time like the present to get your interior ready for the holidays.

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